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Weather. Tom Terry other cool night ahead just how low temperatures drop for you coming out. And I'm Tony Marino. Mostly clear down a fifty eighteen Orlando, and we do have some breaking news. The Trump administration's efforts to weaken Obamacare's contraceptive coverage mandate has been blocked throughout the United States. A Pennsylvania district court judge issuing a nationwide injunction preventing the administration from implementing the changes, which would have allowed. More employers to get exemptions from the Affordable Care ACT's requirement to provide insurance coverage for birth control with no co-pay a massive winter storm leaving big problems for people from the midwest to the mid Atlantic. At least thirteen people have died due to the storm. The national weather service expecting another inch of snow around Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia schools are closed air travel is backed up if you have a flight or you're expecting someone you definitely want to check before you go the man accused of kidnapping thirteen year old Jamie, Clawson, Wisconsin is behind bars on a five million dollar bail. Jake Paterson made his first quarter appearance after being accused of whole declaws in Wisconsin home for eighty eight days, he told investigators he was driving his job when he stopped behind a school bus and watch thirteen year old Jamie get on at that moment. He knew that was the girl he was going to take north Miami Beach, appellate judge Robert luck is governor. Rhonda Santa's is second appointee to the Florida Supreme Court. The university of Florida law school grad has been a federal prosecutor a circuit court judge in Miami Dade and served on the third district quarter appeal since two thousand seven meanwhile, Santa's says he's going to change how the state is carrying out a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana governor says many voters think the state has been dragging its feet in implementing amendment two which passed with more than seventy one percent of the vote back in two thousand sixteen Disentis and his administration have hinted in the past and ditching former governor Rick Scott's attempts to ban smoking marijuana with one of his chief advice. Tweeting the hashtag no smoke is a joke. Governor descent is told reporters he wants to make sure the amendment is carried out the way Floridians voted for it Katrina scales. News ninety six point five WDBO on Wall Street today a negative start to the new trading week. The Dow closing down eighty six points. Eight thirty three news ninety six point five WDBO all electric services.

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