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Two degrees from the town hall dot com newsroom wayne county prosecutor kim worthies announcing criminal assault charges against three detroit police officers in separate incidents in one case sixty five year old officer lonnie wade is accused of beating a customer at a meyer store where he was working as a security guard in october in another case officer richard billingsley is accused of beating and pepper spraying a man during an argument at the gas station in may and former officer edward hicks is accused of punching a suspect repeatedly in the face and then telling the suspect lie about how he was injured police chief james craig says the charges don't reflect the work done by the majority of police officers for michigan state to remark as nurse facing murder charges for firing a taser at a 15yearold atv driver causing a fatal crash wayne county prosecutor kim worthy says best nur has been charged with seconddegree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the death of dimond grinds in detroit last summer i'm kevin sanderson on the patriot fm one on one point five and am fourteen hundred uh one on ideas take it and we'll forget about that who needs it anyway walk of into the wednesday edition of the mugano shower the fastest our local detroit talk radio where your host continue serving his life sentence in reality this is the programme of.

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