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If we can police tony caselli antony antony sally concrete and foundations for site work you call tony caselli you see him with the trucks going around with looks like it's got the italian flag on the side of the truck tony has an amazing story you know if you think about hidden rock bottom as so many people do and that's one of the reasons why we do this her feeder friend people hit rockbottom and they need a hand up and they want to get back into life and they want to be so support suspicion and you know they want to have their self respect you hear the stories the kids feel better everybody feels better it all starts with a meal well back in the day oh my gosh has had to be verona years ago one over twenty years ago or so really tony was a young guy and very aggressive entrepreneur now he was buying and leveraging all kinds of real estate you know he he by a piece of real estate and they go and he would take all the cash out of that or he would leverage the loan on that to buy another one so he's got the equity in that or maybe just the dead that he would leverage that for another one this is telling people were doing years and years years ago until finally there was a recession tony had oh my gosh i mean asia gonna kill me if i don't get it right so tony go ahead and kill me i'm not going to get everything right he wrote a book about this too by the way he was like a million bucks in the whole because the bank said we can't loan any more money we can't and that's it in any lost ever he went to talk to add attorneys said i need a declared bankruptcy and the attorney said well it's going to cost i think something like what twenty thousand dollars and tony looks at a guy goes i can't even afford to be bankrupt so he contacted everybody he knew that he owed money to and said look i hit a rough spot i've lost every single one of my properties i've lost my business lost my company this girl i was in love with i thought someday i would marry her she left.

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