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Is Bloomberg Radio. Now a global news update. Five people are injured after getting shot at a mall in Florida Shooting happened yesterday afternoon at the Aven. Sure, um, all north of Miami. The five injured victims were hospitalized. The extent of their injuries isn't known. Police say two groups of people in the mall were arguing when shots were fired. Detectives have at least three suspects in custody for questioning. A Rhode Island woman is among the victims in yesterday's Times Square shooting, WJR and Providence says the shooting happened during an argument and injured a four year old girl who was shot in the leg. 23 year old tourist Wendy Magara net of Rhode Island was also shot in the leg. 43 year old was shot in the foot. Magara net, says she was waiting in line with family members to get into a toy store. When shots rang out. The shooter is still on the loose. The Wizards have more than just a win to celebrate. Joe Stern, with more history is made of the MBA as wizard's guard Russell Westbrook ties Oscar Robertson for most career triple doubles in Washington's one point overtime win against Indiana. The new in a conversation with with Oscar for a while, you know, just thank him because he set the stage He sacrificed a lot of things for what's work with 181 career triple doubles Chill stern reporting. Officials with NASA criticized China for a lack of planning with the return to Earth of a Chinese rocket early today, the Chinese government said the rocket came back down, with most components burning up in the atmosphere during reentry, the report says the remnant of the rocket landed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. S administrator, Bill Nelson said China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris. The group that awards the Golden Globes is facing increasing pressure to diversify Amazon studios is joining that Flix and saying they will not work with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association until a sincere and significant resolution of diversity issues is addressed. Groups are calling for changes to the demographics and ethics rules that were exposed in a Los Angeles Times story last February. There are currently no black members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I'm Lisa Taylor, one of the most critical pipelines in America is being shut down by a cyber attack. Chris Carajo with more colonial pipeline provides gas, diesel and other fuels to 45% of the East Coast. Company says it was hit by a ransomware attack Friday that forced it to shut down its 5000 mile pipeline. The pipeline goes from Texas to New Jersey with branches off it to other states. Along the way, millions of Americans are still waiting for their tax refunds as an iris backlog keeps growing. Taxpayer advocate service says the agency has 31 million returns that are waiting for manual processing. As the tax said line of May 17th approaches. That number has grown by two million since the last report by the group focused on taxpayers, writes some of those backlog returns or from 2019 and haven't been processed yet because of the pandemic. The Florida principal caught on camera paddling. A six year old will not be criminally charged. Jim Forbes has details. The incident happened at Central Elementary School. Rule on April 13th, the state attorney's office found the punishment did not cause quote. Great bodily harm. Prosecutor said the mother has a right to use corporal punishment to discipline their child. And said she consented to Melissa Carter hitting her child with the wooden paddle principal. Carter told police the child's mother asked her to spank her daughter after the girl damage a computer. However, the mom told police she was confused about the process. I'm Jim Forbes, the Los Angeles detective claims rising hip hop star pop smoke was murdered by a teenager who wanted his diamond studded Rolex. The LAPD detective testified Friday that the home intruders who stormed into the late rappers Airbnb rental in the Hollywood Hills last year sold his Rolex for $2000, The 15 year old shooter, allegedly told a cell mate and recording that he shot the rapper three times. There are four defendants in the pop smoke case, only one who is old enough to be identified. I'm Lisa Taylor and I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. As we've been reporting the hackers who caused colonial pipeline to shut down the biggest U. S gasoline pipeline on Friday began their blitz against the company on Thursday. Known as the Dark side. We're hearing the intruders stole a large amount of data before locking computers with ransomware and demanding payment. It's the nation's largest gasoline, diesel and jet fuel system and a critical source of fuel supply for the Northeast. Elizabeth Newman is a cyber security analyst. That's really, really important that we heed these Warnings that these attacks are not going away. So it's imperative that if you were an owner, operator of critical infrastructure that you invest in your cyber security Two women and a four year old girl, believed to be innocent Bystanders were wounded in a shooting in Times Square yesterday, police say shots were fired just before five p.m. near 45th Street and Seventh Avenue. A four year old girl from Brooklyn was shot in the leg. A 23 year old tourist from Rhode Island was also shot in the leg, and the third victim is a 43 year old woman from New Jersey who was shot in the foot. Well business travel survive the pandemic. Peter Kern, vice chairman and CEO of Expedia, says there's nothing like the face to face experience. I've said all along, I think business travel will be back. I've done some interviews where I said as soon as the first salesman gets on a plane and goes and sells something that the one who stayed home didn't Gonna see everybody back zooming around the world, and I think that's basically true Current was interviewed on Bloomberg Technology. Expedia shares rose the most in three months on Friday after the online travel companies first quarter loss wasn't as severe is analysts had expected. Lots of earnings reports due in the week ahead. Just a few to mention Mark Tyson Foods and Walt Disney Global News 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, This is Bloomberg..

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