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Being in a venture capital firm that have been doing it for literally decades in decades and had invested in you know pillar companies like apple and intel and just kind of see the inside of the venture business from it really is an apprenticeship models to sing at being inside of a place where they've been doing something right for the last four or five decades that was that was what i was looking for out of that experience and then ultimately you partnered up with robbed the only how're have created next few here so you've had studied apprentice long enough in one zero j norway have in those busy at the other day started the the narrative here about being an entrepreneur in honor of an entrepreneur at heart and i liked being on the investing sided so for me what's the best way i can combine those two things and it's start my in our own venture firm with two other partners and so we started next few ventures in 2010 as cs stage venture capital firm which we call a high conviction handson approach to cede stage investing we can impact that if you want we started originally on robben lien i got together we just started investing on personal capital and then we raised our first fund in 2011 that was a 20milliondollar fund we raised our second funding 2014 which was a forty million dollar fine and we actually a couple of months ago announced arthur fund which is a fifty million dollar fund which we raised urged earlier this year are just starting to invest in.

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