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Welcome back to seven one six the sabres host the lightning night. First meeting of the season between these guys Mike Chopin, the bulldog here someone Sixers busy. Reason for me to say like well, busy. Well, is it busier it is busy. I thought it was busier than it has been the last couple of games where we're here for. Yes. Invited. All my fantasy leagues. Here and it's everybody. Yep. The places closed everyone else. No, not really one more thought on the the hypothetical playoff loss idea. Remember remember before you answer next time. If you missed the if you say no in the missed the playoffs you do have a chance to win the lottery again. That you would like again right there. There's a guy there is Jack Jack us let's get let's make it really interesting here about that. And not unlike last year like he was before last year's draft projected to be that guy. And he is continuing to look like that guy. I've not really mapped out the rest of the field yet. But he is by all accounts. How dare we talk like this? But, you know, just so, you know, we want you to know everything let's get to Phil Housley. He's asked here about Patrick Burland being scratched injures. Nope. Nope. Just you know, we've got a lot of healthy bodies right now. And we're just trying to get different guys in the lineup. Chains losing liners for James winning lineups. And we have a lot of games coming up here. So we're just giving guys opportunities which speed claim your decision. Also. Well, I think you know, is a little rusty. He's been out. We've tried to you know, try to get him another game. He's been out for almost two weeks. I thought he did a good job against Vancouver in the time that he had you know, at the end the second period would have liked to get net. Puck. Probably, but that's just part of being rusty. But. His speed of the speed of his game is going to match up well against Tampa..

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