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Got their coffee from this island a hundred years ago to now one percent of the world gets their coffee from this island. That's just we really want invest more into acting establishing haven't village right now on our from our house where we feed a hundred fifty kids every week and end that village is where we're actually going to expand open up another children's home, and we're looking into building agriculture out there in wary in, so we have our children's home has eleven kids in fifteen fulltime staff members in we have our feeding program that we do. We do VVS stuff there every single meet. We do sex said we do bible classes, we teach them as well escape them, and then we also hymns down on the route. The year we have. People that sign up on trips to common. Patrick Hilmi rent, my mind around this because I don't wanna say him confused, but I'm just curious. So if you have the one percent so you have really rich than you have really poor. You don't have much in between why sex trafficking like I get the concepts. We've done interviews on it before understand all of it. But where is the need going to these one percenters are people coming in and flying in using these kids? Are they getting sent out places like how is happening because, like in my mind, I guess, I'm thinking there's a middle class in which there isn't that taking advantage of the extra with this huge gap, your house that happening while most of the time, it's actually within the people that own these orphanages in so they, it's like it's like a dual purpose, so they always kits sold for sex trafficking. Most of the time, it actually ends of happening in these orphanages star. To happen, orphanage, and they may be partnering with the parents will take these kids into their orphanage, and they will get funding in sponsors from people from the states or Canada, Cuba, wherever they can get funding from, and they keep these kids at just above survival. In, in our kids case, they were literally fairly to one of the kids, we're actually we're told not to take in, because they're also die. Baby was nine months old. She was severely malnourished in so only a few of our, our kids were involved in the sex trafficking ringer. Most of them were involved in, in just basically being taken advantage of and abuse in kept that just above survival, while the orphanage, that is corrupt in actually corrupt with the policeman. And I confronted some of these people in actually one of the take this orphanage to court and I actually the process. Bill of this confronted with this policeman. That was actually working on behalf of this orphanage. And he threatened to throw me in prison. And if it wasn't for somebody, a friend that I had that I knew whilst so the same Therese station I would've been in jail, and because he was taken very, very seriously in so most most of the people that would want to take in these kids or or lower class people. You know, our politicians are even sometimes police in their benefiting financially. They're also been sitting, you know, in this really gross like way sexually so founded. Founded Cates to be what's called arrested at that house lake in, so that's, that's bigger than just like a traffic aspect is the parents aren't with orphanage owner. They the money as the kids being sold to be a house lay n within that their sexual abuse is abuse. And so it's it's trafficking. But in a kind of a weird young flying. Ablity of lay is not like you know, your typical, I pimp, and I this there is, but it's more of like this weird system outside looks like an orphanage but within that it's very like twisted system. Districts, your heart just even hearing that. I just get nauseated. Yeah. So, okay. So let's dive into some of the things that you guys are doing right now. So moving forward, what are your plans, as far as with the kids in a love the, the coffee concept in the different businesses and stuff like that? What does that look like? We actually have ambling that's up in the mountains. Hour and a half from where we currently live in. She has a coffee farm. And so we've been in relationship with her and her family for a few years in so one of the things that we've talked about is, actually, like hitting her coffee, bringing it to the states.

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