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As specializing in football and no other sport that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be good at it specializing in one sport early in a child's athletic career often touted as way to gained that elusive college scholarship or even go onto the pros but researchers at thomas jefferson university hospital philadelphia say current high school athletes spell rush lies on average two years earlier than current collegiate and professional athletes results suggest specialization at a very young age does not increase the likelihood of an athlete achieving elite status within that sport jim taylor cbs news britain's princes william and harry say they are sorry about the way their last own call it there mother princess diana winds calling it desperately rushed in a documentary called diana our mother her life and legacy the tuesday they spoke to her shortly before she died and if they had known that was going to happen they would have been so blase and alison keys cbs news wash never stops on detroit's number one news radio nine fifty two good afternoon thanks for joining us on sunday july twentythird 2017 on rose mcnamara four w w j newsradio nine fifty accurately says we could see some strong thunderstorms the day seven degrees and cloudy in the city wjr news time is 1205 as we heard moments ago from cbs news news today marking the fiftieth anniversary of the 19 sixty seven uprising in the city of detroit apathy 57 davis talk with one person family owned business in the city knows was this was the place limits where we live up there and my dad's mothers bedroom is right behind shop far from twelve had clermont tim kisco has a child lived above the family business a jewelry store on mack near chalmers on.

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