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A crash about 5 6 minutes ago It should be blocking the right side on two 70 I 70 near Braddock heights a crash on the median strip distracting slow both ways but both lanes open Busy weekend for the ski slopes A lot of people are going north and west out this way on two 70 and 70 If you're going to eastbound toward the shore fresh winds at the bay bridge no two way operations eastbound traffic slows near cape saint Clair on 50 Beltway and I 95 through Maryland and Virginia We've got Friday volume delays They are longest in Northern Virginia southbound on 95 between newington and woodbridge There was something tying up a lane past one 23 was out of camera range Hopefully it's clear They are heading for a crash in Quantico near mile marker and exit one 48 They'll run both ways on 95 Three 95 in a D.C. heavy across the 14th street bridge out of the freeway and jam northbound in the third street tunnel That backup was caused by a crash on New York avenue at first street northwest happened last hour We have yet to get the all clear on this crash that happened on New York avenue brightwood The signals that Georgia avenue and pie branch road have been dark for several hours You need to come to always tops and watch out for the drivers ahead and behind who are not so abiding Long fence is giving 20% off savings and offenses Dex and pavers Financing is available for qualified buyers go to long fence dot com and schedule your free estimate today Dave told I doubled your TOP traffic storms are coming let's get the latest for Matt Ritter at storm team four Our temperatures will continue to drop this evening into the 30s going down to the mid teens to low 20s tonight wind chills will be in the single digits clouding over tomorrow windy.

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