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My friend jo frost and my other friend pauline check. I guess soon tonight doing great this evening creamy. Yeah he has a new get center. That's what he's trying to get the imaging brain so welcome for that america. My goodness brian good interests set up. And look paul george into this that we're back and hey you're welcome pittsburgh steelers because last week we did a new thing we said we are going to rip the city and a team of each team. Play the season and again. You're welcome pittsburgh steelers because obviously after we did that podcast. The sewer came in rape performance defeating the buffalo bill swain. Three to sixteen defense was fired up so again. You're welcome sealer so we are taking what happened last week and were saying if it weren't for buffalo. We guide take on the next team. That the sewage face. And they're facing and you know. I can never tell what to call them anymore. They're the raiders. But are they. The oakland raiders are the out of the la radius. Yeah the vegas raiders. i get wild l. A. las vegas raters right but all of the oakland los angeles las vegas but since now we will ripped las vegas. And we're gonna rip the raiders. I'm looking forward to so white. Start with a personal story for me. As you guys know. Rawal a base in ohio or from ohio and myself. I was born and raised in canton. Ohio right on the shadow of the pro football hall fame and in the old days before they start charging one hundred bucks for an autographed ticket. These bring in hull famous each year the science crash and i think it was maybe in the spring it was even not during hall in week. So hey i loved collectibles. My dad took me to hall of fame got to meet some players from. Fortunately there's no steelers there but we whip through the line. And we got to ted hendricks now if you don't know they nicknamed him. A store key was a. I guess a famous arrears linebacker from the seventies. I know him that well. I'm a younger guy and everything so we go for wine and my dad looks at hedrix and says hey ted my son sarah pittsburgh steelers fan guys. I was ten. I was a young guy. Look at me. I'm a wimpy guy. I'm a big strong guy. I'm the guy that you know said. Were not me over. So ted hendricks. I guess he was trying to be cool but he growled and he looked at me. And said yeah. I'm going to take care of that. Terry bradshaw and smashing the pieces absolutely. You're like what the heck knows what's going on here. And you know. I saw terry bradshaw play. Maybe the last year of career. So yeah i terry bradshaw as a sealer. I was a big fan of him. I'm like who. Is this old dude. Yelling about terry bradshaw to me and you know the stork a very tall guy. Obviously football players are fiscal intimidating. So i will start out by saying from my experience and kano hieaux rows raised. Ted hendricks freaked me out. I like the raiders for that. I would think it would be very unsettling to have a stork growl at you in yes bursley. Just that's did he deliver babies on the side Yeah i why. She's the story is it because he was tall and straggling mando. We've talked on podcast before about who should be in the hall of fame next. You know from the sealers ten hendrix. I i don't think he was a like a a shoe in hall of famer. Why is he in the whole fame years of good years. It was really really a hall of famer that's yeah definitely whacking crazy. I don't like to raise. There's lots of reasons why. I don't like to raiders by the range because some weird ted hendricks sued freaked me out and canton ohio. I would stand for you. It's not all all of the former players of jerks. That's why we don't like the las vegas raiders that sort of summary of number five. Okay because enough. Like i cannot argue with that. I'm just how long was cool. How long was cool. No they say. Don't flip flop on this ball visit. Not he was the worst in may have been the worst of all of them he may have been all of them collected together in one pilot. Worst i'm sure healed up Kids who can't hire when he went there for a home salute you. No doubt he growled. I don't even think it was related to his nickname but he's row maybe snarled may have. There's probably some young people here in our audience who would love listening to behind the steel curtain dot com. And you might be like yeah. I'm how long my dad said. We think about the series. He freaked me. I will hear naral. Long rowell's yeah. He threatened steelers legends. Just the whole the whole nine okay. Well let's go to number four after we analogy howie long. Here's why not really. They're definitely listening to this right now. Let's take a good look at things now. Some people out there like oh vegas what a great spot. I wanna to go to thank you. I'm sure there's some reasons why vegas is a attractive. I'm not saying the whole city is trash or anything but the two thousand twenty one isn't the golden age for vegas when you think about clashes business do you think about the sixes and sevens you think about you know. The old school guys ran isn't about movies like casino with you. Know deniro and people like that. You're not sick of the vegas a twenty two they. Just i'll say it's so sixties seventies eighties and you know what a perfect team for the sixty seventies. Eighties is the raiders. Because the raiders are just hanging on like a threat to their all dates. The range have not them for awhile and keep looking back at old ten. Hundreds who runs around threatened to beat up. Terry bradshaw get over. It was forty years ago. Come on but also to the look back you'll dates. They're looking back to the sixty seventies eighties. Gay george landow. Gay kenny savemore. That's the whole wanted. There hasn't been relevant for so long. Simpson for vegas yes. I'm sure there's people who say. I like on the day but vegas is a what used to be. No joe you told me some things about this. Tell me what you thought about vegas experience. I mean it's so. I've got i've been there. What happens in vegas and bagasse. I'm not allowed to discuss it contractually everything that happens there never happened on an eight. Oh yeah but there's a lot of things you know you're talking about all the times where things you're looking back on things the great times that you know you look at the the all time greats from vegas. There's all of the ratpac guys you know. There's the there's the the great performers who would you know do larger shows at the casinos. And now you're you're here with with selene dion and Circus soleil. I think is at one of them. You don't even have a siegfried and roy anymore. There's not even a tiger ac whereas the tigers. Yeah i read that the backstreet boys are doing the residence at vegas okay..

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