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Awaiting the results seventy four year old Maloney has represented Manhattan's east side as well as parts of queens and Brooklyn since nineteen ninety three wins news time six oh five checking ten ten wins accu weather well we are in for a very nice comfortable night beautiful evening clear and comfortable overnight sixty five in the city is a low mid to upper fifties in the suburbs sunny warmer not to Yuma tomorrow but it will be eighty six degrees clear to partly cloudy tomorrow night sixty nine then things get a little sticky clouds and sun breezy more with your vet and warmer on Wednesday the high eighty eight you made it sticky it may be stormy on Wednesday nights you wanna stay with ten ten wins for the latest on that Thursday still showers storm around early in the day and then just clouds and sun still humid and breezy with a high of eighty two right now though no you're not barely any humidity twenty nine percent you're better at this point and it is clear it is seventy eight degrees were gone that the sixty five today in midtown wins news time six oh five the demonstrations continued in the city today as you heard intended with traffic is a big one going on in Washington Square park to protest is expected to walk up Fifth Avenue to Bryant park this is one of several that happened today in city hall park hundreds of current and former de Blasio administration workers call on his honor to make changes he wants campaign don to help black and brown New Yorkers former administration workers say it's popular to criticize mayor Blasio without coming up with any ideas Christopher Collins McNeil is a former staffer we're not just this one the right to be disgruntled we are a group of people who work for this adult responsibility to call now that works for him currently and says she's seen how hard his job is in a fiscal crisis and pandemic here just to criticize.

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