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One world series the past twenty years. The new york yankees have had one world series victory. They lost an owen. They lost in. Oh three they won in. Oh eight. And i think that's the last time they actually made it to the world series was two thousand and eight and if you look at their team they had a roster where they had geom- be gary sheffield derek. Jeter alex rodriguez jorges kasahda. Like bernie williams. They had so much more. They had so many great pitchers on their on their staff. And they had joe tori. Who was all who's a hall of fame coach and they didn't make to the world series but they opened up the checkbook and nothing happened. You can look at the dodgers. The dodgers just won their first title in thirty two years. They've been open up the checkbook for how long almost fifteen years now since they got manny ramirez they opened up the checkbook for just any free agent was just. Oh he's going to. The dodgers will apparently not. Let's look at the super team in detroit where they had david price. Max scherzer justin verlander. They had rick porcello. Also who's you know. Has we just talked about in the last time. It was cy young award winner. Four quality like not just quality. I would say three borderline hall of will one borderline hall of fame to guaranteed with sherzer in lander david price. I feel like he's going to get in but it will be. It'll take a few votes or a few years to get in with a couple of votes and then report selo. I don't think we'll ever make it into the hall of fame but those are four very very good pitchers that they had right. There didn't get in the phillies you know when they opened up the checkbook and guy royals while you know they had roy halladay cliff. Lee roy does wall and they had another pitcher and cole hamels. Those are four pitchers right there. They didn't make it to the world series. You know there's so many. Instances where teams just open up the checkbook and are like okay. Let me just i. everybody is right now. Body gregorious they bought. Jt romeo there while they traded for jt. Romeo but They're going to try and buy him again got bryce harper. You know they bought jake arrieta. You know david robertson So many players were on the open markets. And they just were like here. Here's a blank. Check come here and nothing has worked like they haven't worked out. It's all about team chemistry. And he thinks that he can just open the checkbook and just by all these players wolf. They don't gel no cohesive unit than what what what are you gonna do. You're just gonna be spending a lot of money for a mediocre team like the phillies haven't even made the playoffs with those guys granted. It's only been a couple of years but still you have all those guys that you have all those big names you sell them and made the playoffs. So what is the like marcus stroman. What is the point you had so many opportunities to go to other teams that have a legitimate chance of making it to the world series and are a cohesive gel together team where you can fit in seamlessly as just like the guy because you have the personality for it you just get after it but if you have a whole new team that hasn't gelled yet and you know you're just kind of a bunch of guys to a bunch of ragtag dudes thrown together. Granted you know if they're able to get George springer or you know Jt rome yudo and all the guys that they're looking to get two pair them with You know with. Jacob degrom and noah syndergaard but what is your pen look like edwin d as hasn't been very good how they did this. They've already done this. What edwin diaz and getting ed Marcus stroman and getting i forget who else. But they got some other guys and then they're also. There's a rumor where i'll get to this in the next segment. But you know they're looking after frankie lynn door to help build the super team and i just don't understand it it doesn't make any sense to me Maybe they're gonna use him as a trade peace to try and get another big name player. But i don't know what his allegiances to the new york mets why. I don't think he owes the mets anything on why he would be so inclined to help the mets do anything. But i mean if it is i guess it is what it is. At this point. He accepted the qualifying offer. He's going to be at the twenty twenty one season. Maybe he'll be part of the package. Deal to get frankie lim door but even then who wants to go to the indians like why would you put yourself in that position where it's like okay. I'm going to sign a one year deal and you can trade me wherever you want to and you know a lot of teams probably aren't going to accept me on a one year rental package to give up a bunch of prospects you guys can be good and then or i can just go to a team that is you know kinda bummed team that will just take me as a contract so you can get a big name. Who has a bigger contract. Like a contract. Dump in exchange for like sort of the chris. Paul to Oklahoma city from to get russell westbrook. You know what i'm saying..

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