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Downtown detention center as part of what Davidson county sheriff dear and hall calls an evil plan Alex Friedmann arrested last night on a felony charge of vandalism he's being held at Riverbend maximum security institution on a two point five million dollar bond sheriff Paul tells W. T. N.'s Phil Valentine he was very sneaky very effective but we knew where he was working in kind of what was up and so when you do some of those those hot spots as we called it in you keep checking you see he was up to no good and you can eventually extract what all going on police are looking for three other people that may be accomplices in this game we do have their photos up on our social media pages if you see them please contact police the first major test of billionaire Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign is about to play out in Las Vegas where he'll be on the democratic debate stage for the first time Jeff Zeleny is in Las Vegas and says well he may not be in the center of the debate stage his candidacy will surely be tested by the other candidates he arrived here last evening he has been a practicing and preparing throughout the day one thing his rivals have on him is eight debates under their belt this is this first speaking of candidates George Zimmerman the former neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in twenty twelve filed a lawsuit against two presidential candidates alleging they defamed him Jeff mackay reports the lawsuit stems from tweets made by two presidential candidates and he's demanding over a quarter billion dollars for his pain and suffering George Zimmerman is suing senator Elizabeth Warren and Pete booted judge for two hundred sixty five million dollars claiming both twenty twenty presidential candidates defamed him in an attempt to garner votes in the black community the lawsuit alleges tweets made by body judging Morin on what would have been Trayvon Martin's twenty fifth birthday falsely tied Martin's death to gun violence and apply Zimmerman acted out of racism despite the fact both tweets did not mention Zimmerman by name two months ago Zimmerman filed a defamation lawsuit against the Trayvon Martin family and others seeking one.

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