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Lenny. Kill chris ladies bullet ridden body. The last seen crews baxter. I'm not every movie can be directed by michael man. It turns out you know who's actually working for the nipples mafia instead. We have twenty minutes to get outta town so when this movie appeared on airlines they deleted all the airline acts. That airline accident scene was a goner. There's no sign of it except for qantas where they left it in you. Imagine a time in american history where you could be at the airport choosing the flight you wanted to get on and it'd be like hold on. I need to make an eleven our phone to this airline where they give me a fifty dollar voucher. That was up to through the late nineties. I i remember multiple times. just go into. The airport had was dating somebody who can live a boston and just being like last minute carpet on a plant. That really happened back then not happening. Now hoffman Thought three weeks in this movie is a disaster and told barry levinson get richard dreyfuss. Get somebody because this is the worst week of my life. i guess what. We're talking about assholes. I guess dreyfuss which probably should mention it. Because i think he was. Kind of like hoffman on steroids. Hoffman's like actually punish richard dreyfuss by put this role that i hate. This movie was originally written by barrymore and ronald bass moral created the character. Raymond after meeting a real life savant named kim peek and they kind of went from there and then i really liked the. I feel like we talked about this before. But i want to do it again. So often beats gene hackman for best actor mississippi burning and if you go watch the oscars he goes and hugs hackman because And then talks about in the acceptance speech the reason is so they offense and the pasadena playhouse in the sixties moves to new york looks up his old playhouse classmate gene hackman they move in together and a hackman's one bedroom apartment on second avenue. In twenty six street. Kaufman sleeps on the kitchen floor Eventually paklin persuades hoffman. Go find his own place with their mutual friend. Robert duvall and hoffman moves with. Robert duvall on west one or ninth street in the upper west. Side i this to me is like the documentary. Only probably the three of us would watch. But i'm just so fascinated by the half and half and this is this is our first original screenplay series. The three of us right. These three guys living together for one year in new york. And there's no parallel of this. Who do you think was the worst room. This is like this would be like lebron wade and carmelo all being on the same a team when they were seven years old rife. It says. I'll only thing i can even think of or like randy moss being on the same high school team as tom brady. It just makes no sense. I don't get it three. Ordinary insanely alantheia weirdos living together. It's just a fascinating. All of whom have multiple oscars are legends of the screen. If you had to choose one of the three just to live there are no their careers as as a movie fan. We'd rather have always rather rather have often. That's a great question. I think i would probably go duval. Wow.

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