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Tens of thousands of seats and other facilities with only three hours. Wow. Think about three hours. The whole thing's totally disinfected. It doesn't matter if it's outdoor clothes, they say they use electrostatic technology's built into the cleaning nozzles on these drones that can spray roughly 20 acres per hour. Now, this company's says they hope to have all the full certifications that they need by the fall. And I mentioned that most sports aren't letting fans in. But that doesn't include the NFL. If you heard this, they planned to have football fans back when the season kicks off in a little over a month. As long as a ream ass. I mean, you know, it's funny how people have become angrier about fake face coverings, and they ever were about the security and privacy of drones. What a year. All right. Elon Musk heads up Tesla's Space six and the boring company also cofounded another startup back in 2016 called Nora Link. If you heard about this, um there hasn't been a lot of details about the start I could accept that involves the chip that's supposed to be surgically implanted. Into the brain. That kid next to a computer. Get the goal is to add a level a I artificial intelligence to a person. But before that, Must said that it actually has a really great purpose for help people suffering with conditions like Parkinson's, but more information supposed to come out late next month, But you know, Elon Musk is pretty active on Twitter. And sometimes he tweets about, you know, every once in a while things that are actually coherent makes sense, and he recently had a few things to say about the chip. He said that nor link had potentially retrained parts of the brain as a way to cure addiction and depression. He also said that the chip could control hormone levels. That's a pretty bold claim. In a few days ago. He tweeted that the interface will allow you to stream music listeners stream music directly to your brain. Imagine that no speakers. No, You're buds, headphones. Nothing. Just go right into your brain. Just a small microchip that he claims is no worse than LASIK eye surgery, getting it in their interesting prospect when it comes to the possible medical benefits, But If you think you were having trouble getting a Taylor Swift song at your head Now we'll just wait till that thing gets in. You all right. Moving on online gaming has grown exponentially over the years. We've got e sports. We've got these Custom peces with the motherboard. The process of the graphic cars more RAM than you're probably last five or six computers combined. Then there's the peripherals. We have these beautiful either of you seen there really are fantastic. These ultra wide curved gaming monitors fully program will keyboards, mice, noise cancelling headsets. Now there's furniture. Now The chairs aren't just regular chairs anymore. They actually look like they came out of like my Ferrari or something like that. But these gaming chairs now caused hundreds of dollars each unless you want the best. Okay. Herman Miller. You know the name Herman Miller. Century old company makes nice office chairs and cubicles. They got together with logic Tech G, known for Web cans, keyboards in mice, and they made something called the Embody gaming chair, fully customizable seven points a calibration. Along with something that they're calling dynamic pixel circulation doesn't sound like a whole bunch of marketing. What should we call it? I don't know. Let's call dynamic pixel circulation. The marketing person. Yes, Awesome. Anyway, it's supposed to distribute wait for gamers who don't get up for many hours at a time. We need this. I guess the cost. I hope you're sitting down $1500. If you want the gaming desk with this another 1303 grand Just for the gaming setup. And then $8000 for the gaming computer who said Jimmy came in within sheep. All right, Amazon might be focused on Wal Mart. You know if you heard about that WalMart's gonna be releasing WalMart, plus a little bit cheaper than Amazon Prime a lot more benefits. But Google says, Hey, what about us? Well, now Amazon has its marketplace, which Google takes about 10 to 15% cut out of each merchant sail. Until now, they have this new pilot program that we have a lot of small business. Owners. If you have something over an Etsy you're selling. Just keep this in mind. An eBay store program eliminates that commission fee to entice the same or merchants and then more shoppers instead of emergencies, choosing to pay one fate picking up anything they can list Prague's on both sides, Amazon and Google. And Google's hoping to just take a little chip away. Now, Amazon commands nearly 40% of market share for online sales in second place with 6%. Is Wal Mart. 46 Google even listen that Definitely not in the prime position. Finally Why don't we have a robot that I think it's really something last week? I told you, but we're getting close to robots that can actually fold our clothes. I don't know about you, but I will wash the floors. I will do the dishes. I hate folding sheets. I hate doing laundry. In fact, this past week I looked at my mother and I said, You want to help fold the laundry. She's like, okay. She loves the fold like here. Go at it. All right. What about robotic work in warehouses, Restaurants, hotels? They deliver your packages, But now they can even give you a massage. What was that? Yes. In Europe. You've got two options being developed. In France, A company called Cap Six Robotics developed an intelligent, massaging robotic arm as built in cameras and sensors and allowed to adapt to a person's shape..

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