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Everyone right or themselves right. I never knew what I was wrong. I'm pulling for them to kind of have a renaissance year with that group before they hit a hard rebuild soon. And I think this is a pretty sexy one of those one of those players that I just think could make any team better. She adds kind of a rare on ball defensive tenacity that everyone could use. So it's a good move. Yeah, she's been on the all defensive team for the last three seasons. So that alone plays in well. When you've already got some pretty decent scoring potential, I do think that I do think that they do need to add a little more offense to this mystics team to really become a true contender, but on the defensive side of the ball, I would consider their job complete like you go get some shooters at this point. Go get some scores. So that's where I see this. Steve, any thoughts? You couldn't find a better player? To pair with Shakira Austin under the basket. Right. That's like, this will be a low key top three front court defense with that Perry. They're going to work with each other so freaking well. And that's on top of the fact that obviously you have only a del dog along that ride. But that just, those are two players that are going to boo each other up. I've expecting Shakira Austin hit all star levels. I mean, I really like a lot of my side of her last season. And I'm just excited to see those two have a dynamic that I think could play really well together, but I mean, to everything, once you said, yeah, this is definitely a good step forward. For the mystics to try and bring something together, obviously they were very much in that scuttlebutt of where John Claude Jones might end up, you know, New York is where it ended up, but there was talks at the missed very much being on that list. And so with that doesn't play itself out to go and pick up Britney Sykes, who is a defensive player that your contender on a frequent basis. Yeah, I hate to call it a value pick because sometimes when we use the term value pick, I feel like we watered down and actually the effectiveness of the player, but it's very positive that positive. I agree. One last pick that or I guess move we should bring up is, which actually fits well because Sykes, Brittany Sykes and Alicia gray were kind of that one, two punch as far as rookie in our initial break into the league was it really came down to Alicia gray and Britney Sykes for that first rookie of the year that we were covering. But Alicia gray has been traded to Atlanta from Dallas for picks. Including the number three, right? Including the number three, yeah, I believe you are correct on that. Yeah, including the number three for this upcoming draft as well as their 2025 first round pick. So again, Dallas finding a way to just have draft picks forever. That's just always Dallas's move right now. They couldn't handle only having 6 first rounders or whatever. I just traded we should crave for all of Atlanta's lions? Lions matters at all this case, but if it does, upset. The parks play into how Dallas approaches draft picks is very apropos. So the reason the reason I like talking about this and I'm glad we're kind of ending the episode on this because I haven't said a lot of positive things about Dallas in the last couple of months. If you guys picked up on that. I'm

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