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Righty. So we kick off the show. of course do start arresting. No why would we never start off with wrestling on her. All on smackdown sometimes on the next see sometimes know ladies and gentlemen this week. We start off where randy or in and riddle. Your attack. the role tag-team team champs. And i'm gonna say interesting enough as much is this tag team. Looks like an odd pairing on paper. They're kind of growing on me in a weird way as many you guys know. I like riddle as a wrestler a lot. I'm just to gimmick is almost orange cassidy kind of way for me. That is just like why. Why are we doing this. You dude you're fighter just fucking fight But i guess because he's a fac- would've make him the you know the stone or Fast time on ridgemont. High sean penn. Gimmick was. Yeah yeah yeah. Scully's yes becali making him the coli character and shit and it's like okay if i mean whatever but for some reason done for this opening segment. They actually had me. He made mention of Munchies and then he turned around and he says you know what i mean right and then he gave them that. Look at yeah. of course i do. Of course fucking randy's fucking by getting banged with a fucking wellness a few times already. I think it was roy. Defect randy was getting fucking because of one of the wellness on marijuana fucking ship. So of course can have a promo without interruption and Mvp comes out with. Of course bobby lashley and he says that. The crowd steve lose iq points every time real speaks no and he spoke. Spanish is the guy that i woke cameron and worked for me right. Of course because you know Every piece from miami some area last year to orna he'll face him on or said he'll accept lashley challenged if he puts up the wwe championship title dan Mvp accept or proposal. Then of course leads to extreme rules match then. We get attacked him. Turmoil interesting room. Has it that. Vince wasn't there on that night. So this basically was drawn up and nothing was fucked up with. I gotta tell you i. I didn't think it was bad. I actually thought the opening our was pretty damn good. I enjoy the new day. Defeating the viking raiders. Then we had new day versus jamal and nvr and they want again there. We had new davis's house party and they want again. I will you know once again wasn't mad about the new day going over the way today were especially with these lower level teams. Then we get the new day defeating T bar and mace but after that match. They did what they're supposed to do which was tibor mason. Which beat the shit out a book a new day and pretty damn pretty damn good good beating. That went that way i was. I was pleased to see that. I'm just kind of i dunno weeded out. You know what barmaids reminding me of of the ascension a little bit. I still like the gimmick i. I'm still a fan of them. I like the look then. We had a break because of course we We had the the. Gm's come out and say that thi bar mesa. Would it be taken out of the building and knew they needed some time to recuperate from the tax. So we dan get famous. Defeating drew mcintyre by Pulling up the trunks right we we we start changing tropes man we gotta start doing something different with these. These finishes especially with the heels. It seems like you don't wanna he'll clean finish but you want something else. They needs to be something more creative on finishes Shameless will face appreciate united states. Championship stream rules after a match drew had shameless with his own mask and took them out with a clean. More kicking. Always seen a more. Gritty drew mcintyre rear ripley and Nikki is defeat. The taxing champs Natalia and to meena next more than held the episode of moist. tv we're carrying across necks. And mind you. I liked when these guys were were feuding on impact. I know this is going to be a shit storm here. Maybe not match wise but few lives is going to be a shit storm. Believe you me. The match would cross and morrison which was average at best. Maybe maybe down the road. It'll tighten up and get a little bit better especially working at Wwe style as they say. Show flair.

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