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You can also email the show ask it can coleman show dot com we go to eagle mountain utah or eric is on the line eric you're on the ken coleman show how are you doing today well i'm in my sweet spot eric and i'm talking to a guy from eagle mountain so life's pretty good yeah awesome how did eagle mountain get its name do you have a huge amount of eagles hanging around i've lived here just about a year and a haven't seen one eagles i'm not exactly sure it's disappointing disappointing no i'm kidding man how you doing today and walking to help with i'm doing pretty good so just to start a little bit of background i'm twenty six years old i'm married i've got two kids to one six months what i'd like to ask you about is my family my personal family my dad i kind of kind of negative outlook on things and they kind of ever since i've had kids biscuits and told that i've not really allowed to dream anymore that i've gotta take care of my kids which i totally understand that agree with but so what i'd like help with how do i ever come that negative rhetoric and then also you know listen to your show for a little bit and i'd like confirmation that i'm kind of on the right path with my passions and top feels kind of a deal yeah well let me address the negative influence and the burden day your parents are putting on you and then we'll get to your passion question you know this is this is a tough dealer you're twenty six and you're you are your own man and your mom and dad are right about fifty percent of that statement that you do have to take care of your wife and kids and and you know that so they didn't need to tell you that but they did but when they told you to stop dreaming i think that they are i'm going to i'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to say hey you need to do something safe and stable and don't take a bunch of risks i think that's probably the heart behind what they are saying do you think that's fair i think that's fair yep so is what they're saying right no they're absolutely wrong but their heart and their intent is at least coming from a good place and so you have to just essentially ignore it now you know when they say stuff like that to you you can just nod your head and with respect just kind of you know nod your head just take it but you literally don't let that go in one ear and stay there he goes in one ear and literally as soon as it goes in its flying out the other ear that's it's just something you're gonna have to learn a boundary here now here's the here's reality erc those words still have impact on you that's why you're calling me and talking to me about it it's still kind of ways you down and you've got to get to point where you go i know they mean well and i appreciate what they're saying and i'm going to heed their advice and not be crazy careless but i'd leave it at that and move on all right now let's talk about clarifying your passion i think is what you said you broke up a little bit when you said that tell me what you do know what you think you know about what your passion is what clarity do you have and let's let's see if.

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