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I don't know what was going with that but we're talking about. We're talking about our phones talking about accessibility. That's the thing that was like you know. Sort open your phone like now supports that you're on the couch and i'm on the phone my wife it's like no i'm gonna put my phone away as like whether we're talking or not i just don't want to be my phone. Yeah has i've been an issue With you in any relationship. Before no not really i mean it's it's not it's just it's more of a personal feel you know i just don't like always like scroll and scroll i don't know why i just it just kind of gets like mind numbing to me. That's what it is. Yeah yeah so anyway. That's kind of where. I'm at with that with your daughter. What your daughter. Into besides roablocks she doings soccer or anything like so. She told me recently. She's like volleyball smart. Let's do volleyball. I mean she's tall so tall and so my daughter's volleyball basketball. We're going to be you know doing doing coaching basketball team this year. I told her i would. So i've committed to it norm assistant coach for her sutton. But here's a. I'm not a sports guy. Okay like i'm just not you know and Signed up so. I could see her more. You know what i mean. So we split. She splits time between two homes and so i signed up to to see her more. And i'm on this about soccer and.

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