Joe Flack, Iran, Mitch Palooza discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd - Best of The Herd: 10/10/2017


Incomplete i watch last night there were so much i liked he's athletic as heck his accuracy does not dip when he's on the run that's impressive ever seen joe flack owes accuracy when iran's awful trubisky he's got good feet looked a little nervous not just because of one game though my problem is john fox in the bears signed might glennon three year contract huge money defensive coaches don't understand quarterback's offensive players ask yourself folks who are the three really talented quarterbacks who for the last several years have been inconsistent cam andrew luck and big ben all with defensive coaches what quarterbacks have popped in the last year alex smith kirk cousins wentz gough dak all with ofensive head coaches i saw a ton of potential with metre bisky last night but longterm success if mitch palooza is going to work and i'm not a guy that calls for people's jobs i think he needed an offensive coach cam big band lock we expect more were getting less i look at the report card folks we have an exciting group of young players and a to be plusses a b trubisky i'm crossing my fingers because i would love to see the bears be great again all right let me segue to this baseball playoffs yankees one forced to game 5 dodgers won their series but i'm seeing a trend now it's driving me crazy youth baseball analytic people are just destroying your managers and i see this every year tony larussa doesn't know what he's doing this year joe girardi does know what he's doing terry francona i cannot believe he didn't start cory kluger in game one you're all over joe girardi because these two mechanical end by the balkan robotic now you're all over terry francona because terry francona has two in pull save and goes with his gut last year it was joe madden butchering be bullpen for the cubs.

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