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From here with Kristy Lee. The show is in Los Angeles with musicians Jenny Lewis, Andrew bird and comedian, Sarah Silverman. That's live from here. Live from L A tonight on ninety three point nine FM. That's at six PM for the rest of tonight, partly cloudy skies, low of about thirty degrees, wind chills tonight between twenty five and thirty. It'll be pretty breezy tonight. We could see gusts up to about twenty one miles an hour. This is WNYC. It's five PM. This is WNYC FM HD and AM new. Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam says he will not resign over a racist photo on his yearbook page in the last twenty four hours. I have been review the picture talk to people and the pictures not me we'll ask what happens next for Saturday. February second this is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Michelle Martin. We'll also talk to the editor in chief of the conservative website, big league politics, which was I to publish the controversial yearbook photo, and it's been a week of highs and lows in the weather that is we'll ask why local weirding maybe a better term because we're really weird. As a result of the warming of the planet. Plus in the barbershop will ask if the Super Bowl was always super political. You got a problem with that?.

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