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To rise above the pettiness the smallness they want us to be big bold ambitious for this country. And that's what I'm focused on. That's what I see here today in Burlington. All right. Global news twenty four hours a day on and a tick tock on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. Juliet stop all that hand motioning Cisco, I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Ms McGuinness say that thank you. Let's get this sports now with another man who likes to wave utans around. Dan, Schwartzman Bassolino leasing stop. Yes. One's going to hurt. Juliet there'll be without us money. Denver late for at least a month after the Ford reinjured his hamstring in Wednesday's Champions League win of Leon. Although he did score a goal. Denver will also miss playing for France during the upcoming international break could be back for I league Champions League quarterfinal, neither April ninth or tenth Real Madrid. Agreeing to a transfer of Puerto defender dare military for fifty million euro feed the Brazilian national has agreed to a six year contract to move to the Santiago Bernabeu the twenty one year old has scored three goals so far this season for Porto. Chelsea reaching the quarterfinals of the Europa league dominating five nil. Win over novel Kiev advance, eight nil aggregate, alleviates your scores a hat trick are still comes from a I like deficit they beat at an eight three nil at Emory stadium to advance four to three aggregate while Inter Milan. As eliminated by Frankfurt, one nil lose by that score aggregate. New York Giants have replaced the traded Odell Beckham junior by signing free agent. Golden Tate, a four year thirty seven and a half million dollar deal. Meanwhile, the New York Jets Nossa. Prize releasing running back. Isaiah crowell. One day after signing. John Bell week five against the Denver. Broncos last season Crowell set a franchise record with two hundred nineteen rushing yards with the move. The jets will save three million dollars on the salary cap. Saint signing former patriots defensive tackle, Malcolm Brown, a three or fifteen million dollar deal, raiders, cutting both Jordy Nelson and AJ McCarron. NBA scoreboard. Local team in action at the half Boston trailing Sacramento. Sixty two to fifty six NHL end of the second period. Washington. Doubling up Philadelphia for two to three fifty to go in the second. Islanders won. Montreal nothing. Four minutes. Go in the first one package to nothing lead over Boston. Coming up later tonight, Florida is at San Jose. Major league baseball announcing new rules starting in one thousand nine hundred eighty s there will be just one trade deadline instead of to baseball's award the winner of the homerun derby with a million dollars. Plus having all star game election day. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update back to you. Juliette? Dan. Thanks so much have a great weekend coming up on daybreak Asia. The footsie Russell index could be set to consider adding Chinese corporate credit to what's world government bond index. We're going to talk about that with Bloomberg's Greg Stewart Hanta from Hong Kong and also keep you updated on what we're seeing in market action. We're talking about the B O J. The yen weakness that is pushing the Nikkei higher and helping to based Asian stocks today. The Nikkei currently up seven tenths of one percent twenty one thousand four hundred and forty.

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