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That'd be check reddit or twitter to grab it then i'll figure it out remember that you waste ten minutes tried to like figure it out you've described twenty five percent of each each of my days that's what i do or you go on your quick and then you realize now layer that you didn't even do it now you're on a complete tangent switched to like an half yeah so i think that an app show you exactly what you're doing aware would be pretty handy and then there was a new report out from the information and they were saying that they're going to open up nfc so that the capabilities will expand beyond just mobile payments and allow people to do lots of cool things like securely unlocked doors and interact with like security devices and buildings and stuff you know where i would love to see this implemented is with like the arlo cameras and cameras that activate themselves based on schedules and geo fencing and stuff i don't know about you louis i have set my arlo cams off inadvertently probably twenty times i'm sitting right next to the alarm and all of a sudden it just starts blasting the siren in my ear because i like sat there and i had them program to come onto certain time or the geofencing doesn't work very well so i'll leave my house and then the alarm will act date and then i come back and geofencing doesn't know i'm here so i'll be sitting here and then all of a sudden the alarm just starts going off because geofencing doesn't realize that i'm sitting here it's actually given me a form of ptsd i'm always worried that my alarms is going to start going off because it's so dang loud it just rattles you when it comes on and it hurts my ears it's going to give me like hearing loss or something so i would love to see them implement some type of nfc interaction where the alarm system does that you're sitting there and you don't have to worry about geofencing not working but it also be cool to have your front door unlocked when you approach it don't you think that would be.

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