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Cereals was a fleeting moment of rather elevated pause. The heritage minute first broadcast in nineteen Ninety-one and produced by the historic Canada. Charitable foundation was envisioned as a history lesson miniature sixty seconds from start to finish profiling prominent person, a significant place or notable episode in Canadian history. Created to be the same length as a television advertisement. The goal was to promote lesser known chapters of Canada's, passed, including often more obscure Canadian contributions to the world to an exclusively Canadian audience. And in the early days, they were pervasive presence not only during the commercials on TV, but also on the big screen during the movie trailers screen to head of the blockbuster film release of the day at cinemas across the country and also in school classrooms from coast to coast, Historica Canada. Estimates third of Canadian teaches us the heritage minutes in some form or another in their classrooms to illustrate that curriculums between two and five new minutes or released each year, the subject of each being a closely guarded secret ahead of its release and the ninety episodes of the heritage minute to have been broadcast date have covered an eclectic array of subjects from a profile of James Naismith of Ontario who invented basket. Born eighteen ninety one the story of Cheney when Jack a twelve year old first nations boy who died while escaping Canada's notorious residential school. System in nineteen sixty six to Joe Shuster the Toronto born comic book, Liz straighter who in nineteen thirty-one created super..

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