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And will be evacuated on a U. S. charter flight the U. S. embassy confirming it will coordinate that flight a corona virus now blamed for more than fifteen hundred deaths in mainland China with over sixty six thousand confirmed cases of Americans on board ought to decide about being evacuated by tomorrow when the plane comes but many of them tell us that they're not scared for their health is meant the last eleven days trying to avoid everyone and now they're about to get on a bus and a plane with potentially sick people ABC's Maggie ruling in Yokohama once back in the U. S. Americans will be quarantined at military facilities for another two weeks president trump weighing in a day after Attorney General William Barr told ABC news that the president's tweets on federal cases and about DOJ staffers was making his job more difficult at times quote impossible say the tweets need to stop on DOJ cases bar also said the president didn't ask him to do anything in a criminal case the prompted the president to tweet that he had the legal right to do so but has chosen not to maybe he's care of Phillips is in west Palm Beach Florida where the president is spending the weekend at his Florida state pretty stunning to see this that dissent from the president's inner circle when bill Barr came forward and said you know what I think it's time to stop the tweeting about department of justice criminal cases well as the president does he doubles down what did he do he goes to Twitter tomorrow the president will go to the Daytona five hundred race he'll attend and be the second sitting president to attend the race following former president George W. bush he'll become the first president though to call the race telling drivers to start their engines in Chicago with NBA all star weekend at the United center along with competition tributes for Kobe Bryant and his daughter former president Barack Obama also making a surprise appearance at the rising star event last night tip off for the big game is tomorrow night you're listening to ABC news Arizona's station T. A. R. on air ninety two three FM online KTAR dot com and streaming live on the key T. A. R. news app your breaking news and traffic a two line Gabriel Camino the head of the Arizona chamber of commerce and industry says corona virus threatens the global economy and Arizona will be impacted Arizona chamber president CEO Glenn hammer worried about a pair of Arizona's biggest economic engines terrorism and our our manufacturing industry get because the day complicated nature and the global nature of the supply chain Arizona's growers another concern cotton exporters for example hammer says there will be a negative effect on the American economy is just a matter of how much and a big part of that will really be depended upon how long it takes that to get that terrible virus under control Jim cross KTA art is thousands possibly millions of Arizonans don't have the real ID to fly domestically with October first deadline approaching soon Arizona Republican congresswoman Debbie Lesko has introduced a bill called the trusted traveler real ID relief back that would allow people to use their free check certification instead of real ID to avoid a major travel disruptions there when thousands of people show up on October first and after of this year and don't have a real ID how are they going to that these people and get them through TSA screening so they can get on the plane if Congress approves Lesko's bill airports will accept pre pre check credentials through April twenty twenty two and Arizona representative is introducing a bill that would bar the city of Phoenix from adding fees to ride share services at sky harbor airport representative Travis randoms bill would stop.

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