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Partly cloudy skies today some sunshine look for high around 60 degrees. San Antonio's first news with Charlie Parker carrying 30 in the 24 hour news center. Inside Mr T 10 Million men. Producer extraordinaire, The legendary Cloris Leachman passed way on Tuesday. Natural causes 94 years old. She, of course, played. Phyllis Lindstrom on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the seventies later had a short lived spinoff called Phyllis. In addition, being marries friend wasn't she marries landlord? I think she owned Mary's apartment. Probably best known, of course for Mel Brooks Young Franklin Paul Brujo. Mel Brooks. I can't You know if I'm lying, Zoua farmer something I hear. Ah, horse, squinty. It hits me. Fry anchor. Just lying. How blew her? That was Mr T producer extraordinaire, giving me directions one time not to write often remembered obviously for her comedic work. He did win an Oscar for best supporting actress. In 1971 for the last picture show. Remember, she played the coach's wife? Yes, Roof? Yes. She was having an affair with Sonny. Yes, Who was Dwayne's best friend Dwayne? Of course, being Jeff Bridges. First time many of us had ever seen Jeff, but I die Aggress. In the late eighties, she took over for Charlotte Rae on the facts of life in 2000 and eight She became the oldest contestant in the history of Dancing with the stars that the 80 82 She was grand in the cruise movies did voices on Phineas and Ferb Bob's burgers, head rolls on the Ellen Show Malcolm in the middle raising Hope. Miss. Don't forget the classic Beerfest. Yeah, And when she played great GAM gam, the former German prostitute who knows her way around a summer sausage. Great actress. I did not know until this morning that she at one time was a Miss America contestant. And 1971. She would have been. What if she was 94? That's like, roughly, uh, 50 years ago last, so she was young. Yeah, so 50, And so that 38 30 something she looked like She was 70 in the last show. By the way, is a highly recommended civil shepherd. She's the most nominated actress and me's history nominated 22 Times. And she is tied with Julia Louis Dreyfus for the most wins, Both of them have eight. Rest in peace. Cloris Leachman homeowners If hindsight is truly 2020, then it's time to put the past behind us and focus on the year ahead. Make a resolution You can cash in on with a refi from true mortgage. Get a 15 year fixed at just 1.75% rate 1.99% a PR or a 30 year fixed at just 2.25% rate 2.39% a PR That's right. Ah, 15 year fixed at just 1.75% rate 1.99% a PR or a 30 years. Extent. Just 2.25% rate 2.39%.

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