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Yes i can be more effective at all i mean there at the prime little mid death braff to be supported by foot troops our dad i dunno i don't see the importance of it but it's clearly still there all right uh virgil in california after arias seen i'm beginning detect the pattern she killed the entire line of phrase between season six episode ten and lastly it's episode sanza killed ramsey bolton with the hounds ending the of house bolton brand of inches for king but killing stand as in the hotline of house baratheon except for may begin dri who has never recognised the legitimate the sand snakes in a house martell in last season's opener while sirtzi didn't kill all the tirol's she killed all the legitimate heirs and lydia lynn as too old to have another child so far five houses all ended by women and danie has just landed on west reuss uh yeah that's interesting little girl power note that the the women have essentially destroyed the world the men here well on their way uh her i wonder if that has any tie in with the you know destroying the wheel um taking out these dennis dease unrelated note diana l i really love the conversation between sands and john snow about their father and sursee sanza says her father protected her from how dirty the world really is her father did prepare for the world as he prepared his sons directly after that sanza describes her seen a negative but admirable light although sursee was horrible the sanzo she did teacher things were father never did but prepared her for the world she prepared her in the worst possible way but still prepared her sadza start at weak and lacking confidence anati strong enough to question john in front of his men and described the john the importance of a ruler not having blind followers a powerful message to strengthen growth sanza and therefore for women in general out since it has become as heartless sursee but it didn't seem as if sophie turner acted those lines out of malice or bitterness as sursee would've although time will tell.

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