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The power thing that lives was going after the money one or the other but he is is being on the senate intel committee is kind of like adam schiff fried all sudden caught doing something that he's been accusing other people of doing the adam schiff if you if you remember earlier in the week was caught the uncovered that he was trying to work with some ukrainians to get some dirt on trumped right the same thing that they're accused of the trump administration of and the mueller investigation adam schiff dead and the democrats in the mainstream media like oh he was just a joke well yes it was but he didn't know was joked at ukrainians who were playing the joke on and now comes out because of the texts that are being unveiled and this is all coming to a head folks it's going to come to a head with the inspector general's report which i think comes out next month and were supposed to be in february but i think they've moved back just to sheer volume of i don't went off i think it's going to march there and that so horowitz' running is heading that up and that existing warner oh it's not so you go is john warner yeah there you go i digress that was wrong me too but dare you have track one ready i want you to listen to this and this is jim jordan the republican congressman talking about it go ahead play breaking news we are learning that the top democrat in the senate is russia investigation tried to gain access to the author of the discredited trump does a former british spice chris steele through a lobbyist representing russian oligarchy can't make this up fox news obtaining shocking new text messages between senator mark warner and lobbyists adam waldman in march of last year mortar texted quote we have so much to discuss you need to be careful but we can help our country wall been whose firm has ties to hillary clinton as well as the russian oligarch texted back sh two warner i'm in a week later warner texted about meeting with steel quote we want to do this right private in london don't want to send a letter yet because if we can get agreement we would rather not have a paper trail now needs a warner emits the czechs don't look great out.

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