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Practice areas and attorneys, visit showman Rogers dot com. He had four 38. Robbie and whether all the 8s and what it breaks, first to rich on her, and the WTO be traffic soon. All right, they picked up the work on the analytic of the belly as you travel across the legion bridge into Virginia all lanes are now open that works in completely wrapped up and cleared. However, on the bridge itself, in the transition lane from the Clara Barton Parkway that takes you up toward the George Washington Parkway in Georgetown pike, got one stopped in that lane, and again, no help on scene, so be careful approaching. Again, he's in the lane coming off the Clara Barton Parkway headed up toward the GW Parkway in Georgetown pike so be careful. Beyond that, nothing else anyway on the analytic of the bellway to Tyson's. I continuing past 66 and towards Springfield, antelope the work in the express lanes wrapped up in clear they've been reopened. Your inner loop ride looks good all the way through the legion bridge and even beyond headed into Bethesda and Montgomery county. 95 Nord found three 95 north in Virginia from Fredericksburg to and across the 14th street bridge are looking good, express signs available to northbound commuters on both. If you're traveling on a Maryland side, beltway through Montgomery and French doors is county is looking good. Again, the exception that disabled on the American legion bridge, if you're traveling on I 95, the Baltimore Washington park where you're looking good, headed south tour the bellway to 70 south from Frederick down to the way looking good as well. Head into the district, suitland Parkway, south capital street free and clear early, near Gavin in northeastern northwest also moving well. No issues on I two 95 or D.C. two 95 so far this morning. Be ready for any weather with crop Metcalfe's $99 heating and cooling check. One 800 go crop or visit crop Metcalfe dot com, crop Metcalfe, home of the 5 star technician, rich hunter W two traffic. Gusty northwest winds are on the way, so bring an insulated coat for later into the day. Clouds around this morning with temperatures in the 40s, full sunshine, but a blustery day ahead today's high only 52 down to near below freezing tonight with wind chills near 20 by tomorrow morning tomorrow sunny and windy still. I'm storm team four, meteorologist chuck bell for WTO. Right now we are looking at 40° in Rockville 46 metro center 43 manassas 39 in Frederick Maryland. We're at 45° and holding at our nation's capital.

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