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Kohler made in italy delivered to your door for under twenty five dollars join the hundreds of thousands of women and find your perfect shade at madison dash reed dot com medicine read would like to honor somethingyoushouldknow listeners with ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit if you use the promo code something that's the promo code something at madison dash reed dot com so daniel i can imagine though managers at companies thinking well you know this all sounds great fedex days to go take time off to whatever you want so great but we're we're much more nuts and bolts here we need to be in the office from nine to five you need to do your job when we don't have time for that i think that most companies can actually do the fedex day the twenty four hours but you can also do things in a more modest version i mean you could say you know this month one afternoon a week you can work on whatever you want who among us has not squandered one afternoon at work and you know i think we people could surprise you the other thing about this is that you know the dark cloud of the recession might have a silver lining on motivation for a couple of reasons number one is that recessions often inflection points people where their life is going to direction didn't expect and they have to think about where it's going to go next so what you see in recessions is coming out of it is some amount of reinvention some amount of entrepreneurship a lot of those those kinds of activities are often very very self motivated the other thing from companies perspective is in these kind of tough times you're pretty much out of carrots you don't really have many bribes left and that might force some companies not all my for some companies to think a little bit more creatively a little bit more deeply about motivation so it sounds like you're saying there's really two kinds of motivations there's the traditional carrot and stick which is just reward or punishment motivation.

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