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1844 work of US call that today, Levi Stadium has become the largest covert 19 vaccination site in the South Bay and one of the biggest in the state. Home with the 40 Niners Turn a mass vaccination site open today. 40 Niners President Al Quito calls it a group effort. The county of San Eclair and the 40 Niners are both committed. To ensuring the distribution here. It's safe, efficient and equitable. Levi's of was one of the first NFL stadiums to be approved as a mass vaccination site before the league stepped up last week to offer up all 30 of its stadiums in an effort to get millions of Americans vaccinated. Initial capacity at Levi's will accommodate 5000 people a day and plans are to increase that to his many as 15,000 Day as vaccine supplies increase the man accused of attacking a turtle in the South Bay has been formally charged. Kjos Brett Burkhardt reports, officers say the man broke into a San Jose preschool and attacked the student's pet tortoise. 40 year old Jorge Robles faces charges of felony animal abuse, commercial burglary and vandalism. He allegedly broke into play and learn preschool Stad Micah Angelo the tortoise and stole $1800 worth of Electron IX. The tortoise was treated by a vet and is expected to survive. Robles is being held without bail. Breitbart card kgo Way. 10, A state lawmaker wants to overhaul California's felony murder laws, Senator Dave Cortes sees Bill would reform the law responsible for the sentencing of hundreds of people to death or life in prison without parole. Courtesy, says his measure would allow convicts to appeal for re sentencing. They will have the opportunity be re sense and the possibility to earn parole to rehabilitate a programming work and good behavior. Given that they never intended for person to die, Or did they directly cause another person's death? This will provide them war. Then I just sentenced to die in prison or to be put to death. Test, he says many people sent us under.

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