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A controlled substances during three office visits three years later he was found dead surrounded by several empty pill bottles prescribed to him by dr choi says new york city special narcotics prosecutor brigitte brennan that's one of three deaths that she says directly linked back to choice prescribing practices toy allegedly prescribed addictive medications in inappropriate high doses in pill counts and then potentially lethal combination she says choi not only put well meeting people on the wrong track he also became well known as a reliable source among drug dealers he abruptly shut down his office last year when he figured out authorities were on his tail he was arrested in sheboygan wisconsin a d a new york headquarters in chelsea steve burns wcbs newsradio eight eighty nypd's investigating the stabbing death of a con ed worker and youtube star tyrone flemming was found dead in his bronx apartment yesterday been stabbed in a lower back cbs to talk with neighbors around there to lose them terribly devastating fleming was known as thai banger on his youtube series eight forty eight which at about twenty thousand subscribers and three million views over the last three years cbs news time eleven seventeen new york city is suing a landlord who they say allegedly turned rent stabilized apartments in hell's kitchen to illegal hotel rooms then listed on web sites like airbnb city is saying big apple management converted seven buildings on forty seventh street in hotels and at least seven of the rooms have been rent stabilized since two thousand nine company already on the city public advocates list of worst landlords those about ninety thousand dollars in unpaid fines for just over the forty seven street buildings alone cbs news time eleven eighteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes.

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