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For the yes are sorry for the quick, quick delay Their folks I got, guys. I'm sorry to scare you. I had to bend down to get a piece paper than I thought I could grab it quickly, And then I had extend myself a little further self. I apologize, sort for this light the light, so Bill Barb sure is going to get tested every day for the next week or 10 days. To see what's going on. And then I mentioned Mike Pence as well. So with Vice President Pence he was involved in a little fender bender bus crash and just kind of odd. I don't know how If the VP is in a bus, the sitting vice president United States how traffic would have this type of proximity to his campaign bus, But earlier today there was an accident. With Pence's bus and a dump truck. What's AH dub truck. I know folks are probably looking for all kinds of symbolism and irony. Here. Listen, the facts are that vice President Pence was in a vehicle collision. This happened this morning. He's out stumping for Trump Pence 2020. He is going for the western Pennsylvania. And His bus collided with a dump truck. This was an Allegheny County. For the media want near the Pittsburgh area, right around 11 a.m. This morning that the Trump 2020 campaign bus collided with a dump truck and again, I'll say it again. How the heck did a dump truck or any traffic? Uh, have that close. I thought they roadblock, don't they? As you travel, Don't they have a A motorcade to protect against this kind of thing or any a dump truck collision. Into the Trump 2020 campaign bus. So after the minor fender bender than the journey resumed. In a limo. So I I guess he got off the campaign bus and then got into a limo. So I don't know if that means that the campaign bus was incapacitated again. I printed the story. They might be more information out on it now. But he did resume. He wasn't hurt the vice president Ah, and then this is insane, then. Some motorcycles that were part of the security detail. Then, about 15 minutes later, they went down. So two motorcycles as part of the security detail, part of the motorcade. I would imagine war. Part of maybe police blocking roads. Two motorcycles went down. And there was an ambulance spotted at the scene of this second accident so within the span of 15 minutes in western Pennsylvania, The Trump 2020. Campaign tour bus with vice president Pence on board gets hit by a dump truck. And then 15 minutes later, we have motorcycles to go down. Requiring an ambulance. But I think the writers were okay and they were just being checked out as a precaution, according to the reports that I saw so clearly a just an odd day. Does anything, folks surprise you? Does anything these days shock you in the very least? No, it's Kelly. We're in crazy world that we have. Ah, the Yankees schedule now a sort of influx. We have a Phillies Corona virus cases. Now we'll get to this in just a matter of moments on then what's going on? With Major League Baseball. And what are these baby sitters? That Major league Baseball is? Ah, making the teams travel with so I'll tell you about that. And then of course we have. Ah, the N ba In the bubble, so that's coming up in just a bit. And then yes, we have to spend some time and we will will talk about Herman Cain. And his death today from Co. Vered 19. And yes, he was at the Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Did he contract covert 19 massless? In Tulsa. We know that they were secret service agents that had contracted so, although we'll get into all that coming up in just a bit here on Schmidt. It's going to be busy hour number three. And you don't want to miss any of this. Hey, I want to talk about Your sleep. You've heard me talk about this for a while now, And there's a reason why, because purple is making a mattress that has changed the industry. Purple has made a mattress that has changed sleep. The mattress has finally evolved. Thanks to the folks at purple Mattress. The purple Grant..

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