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Massachusetts. Senator ed markey. The court is broken and make no mistake about it. The code is broken because leader mitch. Mcconnell his senate republican colleagues and donald trump broke it house speaker. Nancy pelosi said she does not plan to bring the bill to the floor instead throwing her support between president biden's behind biden's recently launched supreme court reformed commission and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman a warning to our viewers. The following story contains graphic descriptions and footage of police. Violence protesters took to the streets of chicago. Thursday night to condemn the police killing of adam toledo a thirteen year old. Latin ex boy police bodycam video released by the chicago. Police shows adam has hands up in the air when police officer shot him dead march. Twenty ninth adam was a seventh grader at gary. Elementary school. the chicago police initially described the incident as an armed confrontation but the video shows. Adam raised his hands after being ordered to do so he was killed within twenty seconds of the white officer leaving his car to chase him down a dark alley following a report of gunshots in the area the shooting took place on chicago's west side in the largely. Lat next neighborhood of little village. The toledo family's attorney edina wieser described the killing as an assassination. I know all of you have seen the video. Adam toledo they are especially moving saddening distressful to see a thirteen year. Old boy shot at the hands of an officer. For those of you with children you can relate to some of the pain that the toledo's are feeling today. Those videos speak for themselves. Adam during his last second of life did not have a gun in his hand. The officer of screamed at him. Show me your hands. Adam complied turned around. His hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer. He did not have a gun in his hand. Contrary to the reports made earlier today the police officer who shot adam toledo has been placed on administrative duty. Eric stillman had four use of force reports and three complaints filed against him. Since two thousand seventeen this comes as chicago. Police have faced intense scrutiny since two thousand fourteen when a white officer shot and killed black teenager liquan. Mcdonald's and police were accused of a cover up. We go now to chicago where we're joined by to guess. The rodriguez sanchez is a chicago older. Woman and ray wentz this is a community organizer based in chicago's little village. We welcome you both to democracy. Now let's begin with you. You've been in the streets in fact you went to adams elementary school. Is that right to went to gary elementary school. Talk about what you understand. Took place in what you're calling for. Yes i understand places that chicago police officer murdered the little thirteen year old. There is no other way to describe what we signed the video as a cold america. So talk about the progression of when you heard that adam was killed and then how the police bodycam footage was released in addition what the mayor said yes. I live in little village. This community's pretty close there's many groups that just communicate the different text message groups and things like that so the night that adam was murder. Those community already knew that something had happened myself. I live in a couple of blocks away where he was murdered and the reaction was instant community members already knew that the chicago police department would try to cover this up. It's so disgusting. The way in which. The city has managed shortly after finding out that adam had been murdered. We also found out that his mom had gone to the chicago. Police district office the district to report. That adam had been missing and it took two days for his mother to find out that he had been murdered by chicago. Police department so the reaction and the feeling in the community is of outreach. Anger disgust. And we're really what we're asking for is the same thing that we've been asking for years says bullock one mcdonald's murder and before we've been asking to defunding police to invest in our communities and when the cd when the mayor's goes on a press conference and cannot answer. The question of how the city could have prevented this. That means that she's not listening to the people that have been telling her fund the police. These are the reasons why people get murdered because they think that more training we'll save lives but actually it's the complete opposite as we have seen chicago. Mayor lori lightfoot spoke at a news conference thursday ahead of the release of the police bodycam footage of the officer fatally shooting thirteen year old adam toledo even as our understanding of this incident continues to evolve this remains complicated nuance story and we all must proceed with deep empathy in qom importantly peace has the investigation into the shooting. That took adams life continues. I urge everyone reserve judgment until the civilian office police accountability. That's copa and this is another clip of chicago. Mayor lori lightfoot speaking yesterday we have to do more starting reforming the chicago police departments policies and particularly the foot pursuit policy. And i said this in august of twenty eighteen in here we are now in two thousand and twenty one foot pursuits. Put everyone involved at risk. The officers the person being pursued in bystanders..

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