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I would never do on a Monday night Get together here on 94. W ipe the night after the eagle season came to an end. It was right about this time. I'm thinking nape side filled with trying old Eagle's down the field. Just not good and I were talking about I will talk about with you guys on the phones all night long to 1559 to 94 94, but I will put your lines on hold. For a couple of minutes because joining me on the telephone line is the guy you catch here on 94. W ipe you see on NBC Sports Philly and you read on NBC Sports Philly dot com. Our body. Mr. Rubin, Frank. How is your new year? Reuben? Everything is good. We're gonna talk six years, right? We're not talking eagles right sixties when again. They got the best record in the NBA. But now you and I are going to talk eagles that we're not gonna talk. Don Clendenin and the 69 minutes, either funny guy. Um, no, Uh, the Eagles 2020 version. How many years have you been coming? The birds now. Started during the strike in 87. Phil Sheridan became our columnist. So what 34 years 34 years? Is there any year that you would compare previous that you covered the Eagles? This one. Which one does it comp most to you? Or is it just something that you wouldn't want to compare to anything else, and it should stand alone in its own ugliness? Um, I think you know, probably The closest thing to it would be for me would be 2007 because You know they were really bad, but you kind of knew, And he wasn't getting fired. Um, just because you know that he had built up a lot of equity like they've had really bad seasons like under. I mean Ray Bob's last year. Protest last year. But you know the team is stop playing hard. You knew the coach was gone. 98 was like that 94 was like that. You know, even Andy's last season 2012 was like that. But this year, it never felt that way. It felt like there was just a really, really bad team. It was trying. They just didn't have any talent. S so I think that's you know 5 4007 the two really bad and the years when You know, they still have some good players. There was a lot of Different circumstances that led to the bad records. But you kind of knew that it was status quo. You're going to be on the coaching Watch the next year, but certainly a Dismal year. I mean to lose 11 games in this division is it's inexcusable if you and I can agree that this was a poorly constructed football team, talent wise spending wise. That points directly at the guy who's in charge of that? Who is Howie Roseman on esteemed general manager Tap manager. Everything else ondas far as we can tell, unless something drastically changes in the next 48 hours. He's going to be the man doing it again this offseason leading in the next year. What can he do? That could get him fired. If this season wasn't enough to get Jeff Laurie to replace him another yet we just do. The Eagles need to go over and 16. What? What is it gonna take for Jeff Laurie to fire his friend? I think that's kind of the biggest mystery surrounding this team while there's a few of them, but You know, Jeff Laurie's a smart guy. He's always hired well. He's always surround himself with good people. And, you know, I think how he's done some good things here. But Josh is drafting has been so bad. The last few years. I've got finished writing a story and we talked to how this morning and he talked about You know, J. J r, over Metcalf and and regular over Jefferson and Do that back to back to with on those two guys in back to back years. Um, yeah, you should pay with your job. I mean, there's no question about it. You know, they haven't If you acted one Pro Bowl player since the lane Johnson Zach Ertz drafted 13. And that was Carson. You know, he's he's not gonna be here. So you know be the last defense of Pro Bowl they drafted was Fletch 12 2008 years ago. So yeah, the talent level is is terrible. Um, how is just done a terrible job drafting, and there's no other way to put it and Um he seems toe just seems to have a blind spot for Howie Roseman and I You know, it's it's um It's a problem because I think the only thing You can do is surround try to surround Howie with with better personnel, people. That maybe he'll listen to On. Do you know those picks were not just how I mean they were consensus. Pick the organization so that they need they need some new voices. They need some new opinions. I need some new blood in that scouting department. Maybe John Dorsey will help of you. I don't even know if he'll still be here and you make it a GM job. But they need more guys like that. Who could evaluate talent? Okay. Were you talking about Carson? You know we can talk about her so we can talk about all these guys. It starts with talent, and they just don't have enough. I agree with you on that, Um, you brought up to I C He apparently was working for the organization for a period of time when I didn't know I don't think you know, because I was reading you all the time, and you had mentioned it and they've done a nice job of keeping it under wraps, and then it became common knowledge that he was working for the organization in some unnamed position, and it's still as in completely been defined for anybody. Uhm, will we ever find out what his position is that we need to wait until his position is either, uh, completely put on paper or that he takes a job somewhere else. It was nice that somebody was able to ferret that out. We still don't know where he stands in the organization. And what is the possibility of him going forward when we're going to find out out? Are we going to find that out? So here's the thing. Why did it become public? Because GM jobs are opening up and, you know he wants a GM jobs. So you know his people are gonna leak that. Hey, you know, Dorsey hasn't been Justin at home. He's been working for the Eagles. He's been, you know, consult. That's his title. Whatever and The Eagles generally and most teams, they don't announce these front office consultant type guys. They bring a man they come in for a few months between jobs. And so when, when his agent while I have no idea, you know where this story came from, but presumably.

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