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Start off our by the book episode in mexico and burn will counties where the stakes are high and is not always clear for the good guys poor the back us come on carrie brandenburg would always say to our children in are not going to invest more in you that you're willing to invest in yourself gosh i could say definitely i was a tough flop mom when her son justin started getting into travel doing drag them breaking into people's homes and ultimately getting picked up by the police carry did her best to stay away i could make excuses for him and i needed to hold them accountable i never went to court i never asked his attorney win any dates were occurring i never read any police reports in a way i i felt bad because i couldn't even be a mother but i just thought it was important that i not do so it cards would you just because of a potential conflict of interest kerry was district attorney of burn aleo county were albuquerque sets she's actually the county's longestserving da and washing might have been the post her mom for tough live people in the county had started to question why carry wasn't that steadfast when he came to the albuquerque police department especially in light of all the recent police shooting came first the taser or the gun that is what albuquerque police are trying to determine after the department's latest officer involved shooting police officers tonight shot a man with a gun outside his home a man who may have been draw three albuquerque police officers poll up on a violent sat back and opening fire on him within seconds a total of twenty two people were shot and killed by albuquerque police over the course of just three years and carries office which is in charge of holding police officers accountable had not prosecuted a single wind in fact carry had never prosecuted an officer in honor her time in office we did not proceed against any officer on an officer involved shooting because we did not feel we had probable cause the legal standard that we need it to go forward with the prosecution but by the start of carries forthrighness district attorney a local reporter exposed a huge crack in the system i think i started to rob poured on on the grand.

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