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Israel, Eric Traer India, Colombia discussed on BBC World Service


What are the prospects for a lasting peace between Ethiopia and Eric Traer India's Supreme. Court it's about to repeal a, law banning gay. Sex how much difference will that make in practice and prompting people into becoming a creative writer here on the weekend with me? Julian Summary of world, news BBC. News with Jerry Smith the Palestinian group HAMAs says it's agreed to, cease fire with Israel pronounce surge of violence in the Gaza Strip is reported to be holding their Israel has. Commented on the deal. Israel said it's strong dozens of targets in Gaza after one of its soldiers were shot. Dead on the border four Palestinians were reported killed Former rebels, in Colombia have taken off seats in congress for the first time since the end of their five-decade insurgency into. D. sixteen president Juan. Manuel Santos says the new parliament's to maintain the agreement to ensure ongoing peace in Colombia he steps down next month Facebook has suspended a US data analytics firm from its platform is investigating claims that Boston-based crimson hexagon was providing data for government surveillance purposes crimson hexagon denies. Any inappropriate use of data Tweets revealed. By conservative websites have led Disney to sank the guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn the posting offensive messages including jokes about rape and. Paedophilia Michigan has since apologized for the tweets The, president-elect of Mexico and race Manuel Lopez door. Has denounced a decision electoral authorities to find his party ten million dollars over inappropriate campaign. Funding he described the fine is, an active vengeance and said his. Party would find the decision in court Cuba's lawmakers are expected to approve. A new constitution later which would then be put to a public vote this weeping reforms would see private property. Recognized for the first time since nineteen seventy six and, the state's control of the economy drastically reduced The Spanish conservative People's Party is due to select a new leader to replace Marianna Hoy who's. Retiring after being ousted as prime minister in a confidence vote last month the.

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Israel, Eric Traer India, Colombia discussed on BBC World Service

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