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A little bit overboard on now on his target this spring is brian cashman the yankees did not invite him uh this year and there's a lot of people died about whatever the yankees didn't want the outspoken gaza japan and can't because he is a distraction so gaza joe's asked about it and now it's a distraction he did an interview i said i don't like brian cashman that's all it's not a secret the hall of famer said he said cashman would prefer to have a nerd and europe as manager and then he question his leadership if he had any onions he'd do what he wants to do he doesn't think he needs any baseball people around made these ride the way the game is being run that i may be it on gaza jared the game is so different today like i said real baseball guys for years made a career out a baseball not you're not a coach anymore you have to be their best friend the aim is of course named aaron boone their manager uh he went from playing to the broadcast booth to managing he did play twelve years in the bags and he comes from a family that produce generations of a big leaders he does involve i as baseball people gossage claimed he is the victim air saying is generation blair's gets no respect his comments had turned him into a disruption you'll have to talk to cash i didn't get a call either way there's no respect for older players is no respect for anybody who has a real baseball knowledge at so it is that's what i don't agree with hall of famer reggie jackson and round get re both of whom are older than gossage will again be in camp when the yankees as guest instructors this spring you can't deny though the reggie jackson's had his problems with the team he said his fair share problems not in these late at night in these last few not since he's been retired as but a part of the organization he really hasn't for years bronze play embryos why isn't willing retired even quiet he just pops up whatever they needham needham he's not like gaza's where.

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