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Today. You go home couple knocks on your door. We take in rescued greyhounds. We've had several throughout our life for big wfan listeners. We heard of your plight. We figured out where you lift and we want you to give us whimsey you even think about it and they proved to you. They should get pictures of how they did. Take these greyhounds. Sault take a right now. what would you do. I would not do that because the shame that the community only reason upon you. Yeah i actually. I was thinking about this like if you turn in a dog that you adopted you will be more shame than if you left your wife and kids and never spoke to them again. Like your children people would somehow be like. I could see that. It's difficult but i'm telling you if you give up your dog. People will shame you for it'll be like worse than like eah murdered in the heat of battle or something. I don't know about leaving your kids. I think getting divorced. Absolutely you're right. People are like door. Whatever you give up your dog right. you're a creep totally. So the guy who i know friend the mind someone in his neighborhood did leave. His family just took off and left and like i'm talking left where they had to go over there and fixed off in the house like his other neighbor like mowing the lawn and stuff and taking care of the house and he is that guy is completely persona non grata and then they sure they can't. So i if it's something like that. He destroys when the kids are involved but a divorce. Yeah i mean the divorce. Generally a mutual things. Sure but if you just leave then that's a that's a rough one. Would if divorce in use as part of your divorce agreement. I don't need to see the kids. Oh god oh jesus. Is that going to be the same. Yeah was giving away a dog. Okay dirtbag status yes yes. We're very forgiving of things. Humans do in relationships. You think yeah very much. So why give me an example. Because i feel like that whole thing that with kfc went through people. Still give him crap about that. Which i think is unfair. But that's social media you know you're always gonna get well. Where else are we judging. This sound like if you just heard like like. I don't know i'm trying to think of an example but like Just because it's top of mind. We brought bruce springsteen for example He's been married now for a long time but he got involved with this woman when she was his backup singer while he was married which was scandalous. But now when you look at it not so scandal. Yasuo don't know the circumstances surrounding it. Well you're also talking..

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