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Of covert infections. State epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley, he says schools have become the growing site of community spread deepest increases that we're seeing right now. Among high school and middle school students were also seeing increases and Elementary school students and have seen increases and outbreaks and school settings as well. Dr Eric France is the average age of those hospitalized has gone down as well. It's the unvaccinated middle aged persons in Colorado who are suing the hospital bed. Total hospitalizations as well as the positivity rate seemed to be flattening his vaccination rates increase the state says there's now more vaccine supply than demand. Joel Hill in K Away NewsRadio President Biden First Lady Jill Biden, celebrating his 1st 100 days in office during a drive and rally and George The president again urged all Americans to get vaccinated. Now, everyone over the age of 16 is now eligible to get vaccinated right away. So please do it get vaccinated. Now, now, now now, the president noted the success of administering more than 220 million corner virus shots during its 1st 100 days. I'd also dealt with an interruption during the event, resulting in him promising to close private detention centers. The CDC predicting that over a third of the United States has had the coronavirus set one point in time, The new research released Thursday says the agency believes more than 114 million people have been infected with a little over 97 million experiencing symptoms. Those figures would be almost four times higher than the official case count. The agency's recognized US count of the respiratory illnesses over 32 million infections. I'm Brian Shock after the Grizzly Creek fire threatened the popular mountain destination outside of Glenwood Springs, Coloradans will be able to hike the hanging Lake trail again. Starting May 1st, and that is good news. If you like to explore and you've never been. This is one of the best places.

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