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Now time for check of sports from around the world. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks, bryan. The mirror supporting that Chelsea's preparing a January seventy million pound offer for Borussia Dortmund American Christian pulisic, the twenty year old arriving in London after the summer with his are likely to leave around Madrid reports say Lucy, publicity as a replacement you hit the champions, Zeke is Manchester. United with Alexa, Sanchez not making the squad with both pod. Robin Lukaku on the bench knockoff, young boys. One newest Maryland police worth the winner one minute into stoppage-time around a sixteen. Meanwhile, you vent moves on getting past Valencia one nil rail Madrid aroma both move onto the knock around even with winning to Manchester City reaches a knockout stages and he plays Leon to draw elsewhere Munich advances by dominating Benfica five to one as well thrived eleven ski and Aryan, Robin. Both score a brace. I XE Amsterdam heads the round of sixteen with a two win over app. Inst- CSKA Moscow knocked out by Victoria pills in. Two two one nine falls shock shocked. That's free to the man responsible for the bomb attack in the Borussia Dortmund team bus last year has been sentenced to the German court to fourteen years in prison on attempted murder charges. The twenty nine year old says you have to the bombing to profit from an expected drop in the team share price reports say the Seattle Mariners reached out to both the Yankees and the Mexican regards to setting Robinson canot back east the Yankees involving Jacoby ellsbury going from the Yankees. The Mariners was even discussing on the sportsman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update. Global news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg business app chunk on Twitter. This is a Bloomberg business flash. And I'm bull Allen in Sydney, we had a pretty reasonable lead from US markets. The isn't he and the Dow Jones by five the NASDAQ kind of flat, but his playing into a reasonably positive day here in the Asia Pacific. We've got the ends up. Third of one percent. The ASX just turned flat as well. It's really materials that's weighing on the local index or continuing its slide futures traded out of Singapore. Sixty to eighty five a ton of on the Nikkei, it's looking pretty bright up eight tenths of one percent. The kospi is higher by just one point a Hang Seng futures. Meanwhile, appointing higher as well, we've got the US dollar, the Bloomberg dollar spot index grinding up to the US ten year, just a shade under three zero six British pound by showing a little bit of weakness. Brexit, of course, facing a few hurdles in the British parliament. And we've got gold a slipping a little in yesterday afternoon. That's a look at what's going on in the Pacific Wednesday. Let's get it over now to it. Baxter of the Asian trading day gets underway to find out what else is going on it. We'll Paul I wanted to go away. I.

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