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Dot com slash joy CBS news update tens of thousands joined a funeral procession in Baghdad to mourn Qassem Soleimani the Iranian military commander killed in US airstrike CBS's Iain Lee reports on what else the crowd was doing people chanting down with United States sat down with Israel as well and and that anger is just festering in Baghdad right now president trump defended his decision to launch the air strike while speaking to a crowd of evangelicals in Florida last night we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action just start a war CBS is Pam Falk on Iran's bid for a U. N. condemnation the U. N. is likely to debate the issue with no official condemnation expected in a debate this Thursday with the possibility of Iran's foreign minister Javad Siri participating that is if the U. S. grants from a visa CBS news update and wanted to let now from the studios of music by local San Diego's talk and breaking this is a M. seven sixty ramping up security that's when the stories from online twenty seven sixty eight California's ramping up security in the wake of the US is killing of Iran's top general police are reminding people to say something if they see something no credible threats have yet been made and officials believe any acts would likely happen overseas but cyber attacks are also possible and more likely to impact the state ten people are now dead in San Diego county as a result of the flu two men in their seventies or the latest victims and according to county health officials confirm flu cases have now spite to nearly fourteen hundred the annual five days and eager international Auto Show continues today at the San Diego convention center and runs through the fifth at.

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