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It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm David Greene. The third season of the sitcom Kim's convenience debuted last night on the CBC in Canada. The first two seasons are available in the US on Netflix. Now, the show focuses on the Kim's a Korean immigrant family that owns a convenience store in downtown Toronto. It is Canada's first ever show with an all Asian lead. Cast NPR's actually western has more on this one of a kind sitcom Kim's convenience is not your typical show about Asian immigrants. Mr Kim, are you homophobic? Roger what what are you doing in? The first episode Mr Kim played by Paulson who has been accused by a customer of being homophobic for refusing to put up a gay pride parade poster in a store, but Mr Kim, honestly, just thinks the poster is ugly and that parades are knowing and to prove it. He comes up with a clever ploy on the fly. I'm not a homo homo Pettit. You I'm a homo. Then why why do I keep a discount the episode takes off from there into a humorous look at stereotyping the first two seasons of Kim's convenience take on everything. From running a convenience store to class issues in Korean church to generational differences between immigrant parents and their children at the start of season three daughters. Janet, an aspiring photographer. Played by Andrea bang wants to change her name these websites to Kim Jong. Yes. Me you Kim Jan net too. That's my English name. This is my new unique Korean name. It means Justice treasurer who keeps you name it. I need it to stand out because my parents gave me a super boring English name came in with an idea. Right. What you know, that's ins Choi who had adopted his play Kim's convenience into the show. My father is a pastor. He used to be a pastor of a immigrant church in downtown Toronto all my friends growing up in the eighties nineties their parents own convenience stores. And I wanted it to be funny. My family's funny Paul soon. Humanly has played Mr Kim or oppa meaning father and Korean both on stage and on TV and no he doesn't really have a Korean accent. I read the first two scenes, and my heart it exploded. Because that was my upper, and I'd I'd never heard him represented that way before and it was like a key turning my head and his voice just started coming out used to be spared. See all e danger.

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