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Center strengthening immigration standards dedicating billions of dollars for infrastructure and funding our military just some of the topics president trump hid under his state of the union address these state of our union is straw president trump says the accomplish schmitz of his first year in office speak for themselves we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in american history the president touted the economic upswing put forth the plan to rebuild ageing infrastructure president trump offered to work with both parties to get a deal on immigration he's offering a path to citizenship for one point eight million dreamers in exchange for billions for a border wall with mexico mobilink he cbs news capitol hill in an increasingly rare moment of agreement wisconsin's two senators say they could both get behind the president's promised an infrastructure improvements democrats any baldwin where he is saying the inputs of the infrastructure rebuilding iron and steel i want that to be us iron us steel and us worker republican ron johnson agrees that upgrades are needed german interstate highway system is a six years old and and showing its age we also need to consider i believe highspeed broadband is as infrastructured toy for centuries by the need for infrastructure work some lawmakers still worried about where the money is going to come from bridges that is way for another possible government shutdown of a congressional republicans will be leaving d for two days not on vacation abc's andy field says they'll be deciding how to get enough votes for a budget and an immigration deal be greenbrier resort since in a valley near west virginia's allegheny mountains it's about a four hour drive from washington dc and that's where a senate and house republicans or come up with a game plan decide what they can compromise in order to jump the senate 60vote hurdle that threatens the block vote republicans on the president juan first job come up with an immigration budget daca deal before time runs out february nine the federal reserve is unlikely to tax interest rates at least for now this week is the final meeting for fed chair janet yellen he financial analysts for bankratecom greg mcbride is predicting more interest spikes this hear wildcard israeli and quite if inflation picks up the fed could be more aggressive a baseline assumption of three more rate hikes in 2018 is certainly justified by what we're seeing from.

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