Michael Flynn, DOJ, Susan Rice discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


About leaks the number of leaks that have come out in the last year and sun which are just factually wrong others which are national security related particularly with regard to then national security advisor michael flynn and his conversation with and bath your teeth react these are some of these leaks are criminals and they're investigating them right now is the doj and i think that uh putting new questions out there hitting them till march second i believe that they don't answer as the next that would be the subpoena them or it so what do you think that this is related in any way to what we learned about susan rice and her mental to cells on january twenty inauguration day uh just before she was leaving the white house for the last time and she writes oh night though to self barack obama said by the book he said do it by the book he said do it by the book uh when she wrote that no to self which was interesting to made uh is this in relation to what might have come up with a january fifth meeting because they were also talking about not telling the trump administration the incoming administration uh anything or a lot of things about this ad for wear reacting to brian mulroney gradepoint there and it it according her threatened by soaking like relating to that as well and that from being that they want wear and think about their shine and there's no question that keep coming at wing that strange email cure south back he's right that and when she talked about giving advice the book why did they do other things knock fighter but beforehand that they have to overly anthracite do it by the book in this particular incident you know why people art art eating you know based on that the strange there said this email that you sending it to sell uh so these are questions asked me the answer to the need to know who inside the administration was aware of this because as we know now as the evidence has come four thousand this onion is being peeled back could we used to say uh we see more and more that the direct collusion here what the dnc the hillary clinton campaign fusion gps a foreign agent x agent a british spy christopher feel the fsb.

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