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It It was forced to watch it again. And i'm stuck in my tingled. I was excited because trailer and i thought was interesting. I've seen hilly. Richardson course routes and other things. That i like them but the reason i remember i remember she was in split his friend guy out of the three girls and she was also the best friend in the edge of seventeen with the great movie greenland. Geez i just heard thinks it's a very very good movie. Okay maybe not fair. But i like her a lot and i wanna see. I didn't think it was gonna go to theaters to see. But then i found out. Justin baldoni is director. And i love him as a person and i wanted to. Do you know the name. yes you said. That's the guy from jane. The virgin jane the virgin. He's rough. acai. Yes and you know who. Richardson is engaged to dire michael from the show weight. And you know what else process minin riverdale jug had. This has now tried this rian. All of our most below girl of our most popular episodes riverdale gene the persian seep in. Its way into one to michael gene virgin. She looked twenty four holds it. Michael forty twenty nine thirty. Whoa he looks like he's thirty five. Looks like she's gonna to look it does or she was born in ninety five. Because i'm not old enough to be married and so the question not enough. Mary was born the same year. I was wo mean breath. I have the same birthday really. Fourteen ninety wow. That's crazy with it. Means i can give me a hillier. Gm get yourself a high young together. Twenty nine and twenty four selectively nailed still somehow gross uae sweet facts. You propose to him really. Yeah oh that's cute. Cute not grossly together with q anyway. This had so much. Now try this seeped into it. I needed to see him. Peters i walked away. And of course i saw for myself because i watched and i was devastated and i was like i need someone else who experienced this someone to talk to you about this because an impacted me my did it. How did it impact you emotionally. Because it sucks. No because i related to the characters i understood. You also have central farts. Siestas fibrosis what stands for. Wow casino. Cystic fibrosis yeah. They said it in the movie jock. It's your body produces loud music is so you.

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