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Contributor welcome both of you to the program uh you broke a lot of news yesterday sarah let's go back to that end and talk about the legality of all those were greg jarrett so i i've been of course you know we've been working at the reasons why india mckay may have left earlier than was expected he was supposed to retire actually in march that was announced in december what we know is that fbi director ray went to view the face a memo on sunday this past sunday and monday morning uh mccabe was out so the deputy director than immediately whiz i was told by sources asked to resign earlier than march and he left uh it's interesting sean uh director former fbi director colmey tweeted out today uh about me cave and i said uh mccabe held his head up high although small people quote unquote you know we're trying to take him down but but but this is no small subject this is about extensive fisek abuse and according to sources that i've spoken with and remember these are just allegations so far we're still trying to verify all of these pieces that the i g as well as others have information that whistle blowers have gone to the ig andrew reported that mccabe actually asked fbi agents to change their 300 to witness interview forms that would be obstruction of justice by any definition because the 300 to interview forms that's a formal interview that the fbi gives two two people that they're investigating or witnesses that they're talking to correct burden for example be going interview come on and the former national security advisor michael flynn and they would sit down do an interview with him and then they would go back and fill out these reports there called 300 to forms and i'm sure greg has a lot of information on the we galaxy of these things but they fill them out and according to the sources that i've spoken with the allegation is is that mccabe inference or meet some suggestions to changing the 300 to which whistle blowers then reported to the ig and that would be very significant because that would i believe and i'm not a legal expert hero let greg talk about that.

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