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Demands for money while bobby relentlessly beat him when Henman told them he'd go to the police bobby was spooked. He might go to prison for what he done. He called Charles. Who said you know what to do? Bobby took that as a command to silence Henman by killing him before I continue with Bobby Psychology please note that I am not a licenced psychiatrist or psychologist but I have done a lot of research for the show. The American Psychological Association has expressed skepticism that people can be brainwashed into acting violently but some psychologists his point to countless examples of people falling under a violent Colt influence and going on to do the unthinkable licensed mental health counselor stephen in Hassen use the rise about Keta and other terrorist groups as modern examples of how people can be indoctrinated into committing murder these extremist extremist groups have radicalized individuals through isolation limiting access to outside information.

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