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Barrett, the United States Supreme Court that was a good choice. I've never seen a Democrat Joe Biden in Chester was asked if he'd packed the court if elected. I'm not a big fan of court packing. I'm not a big fan saying we're just gonna add X number, but Millicent, ABC Sandy Field with more on tonight's Valley to Republican senators voted against advancing Judge Barrettes nomination to today's final vote. Lisa Murkowski. He and Susan Collins, both saying the pre election vote would be hypocritical after Republicans blocked President Obama from doing the same. But Senator Murkowski now sensual vote yes on confirmation because she feels Barrett is qualified, leaving Collins, the lone descending Republican and guaranteeing Amy Cockney barrettes approval. The president hopes to swear in Barrett tonight, 65,000 Southern California residents have been ordered to evacuate as wild fire continues to burn. Power's been cut hundreds of thousands of customers and to Orange County firefighters are hospitalized with critical burns. You're listening to ABC News from California's capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. I'm John Byrne. I Z at 302 with your top local stories, as we just heard. Two firefighters are in critical condition after being badly burned in a wildfire in Southern California, Orange County Fire Authority says one man has burns on 50% of The body. The other firefighters burned on 65% of his body so called Silverado Fire Now at 4000 Acres 65,000 people are evacuated in Irvine. Multiple schools are evacuated in Irvine and test in some areas Under PG and E's. The latest round of public safety power shut offs are getting the weather all clear. The company says crews have begun inspecting the de energized lines and equipment. PG and E expects to restore power to customers impacted by the PS PS event throughout the day today and continue into tomorrow, with a majority of customers restored by late Tuesday evening. And the Washington State Department of Agriculture says crews have destroyed a nest of so called murder Hornets No Wilson rich, chief scientific officer at best Bees company tells the today show the next brought with it. Some revelations. It is a game changer. This recent finding of a nest is the first time we found these giant Hornets in the United States up in Washington State Pacific Northwest best The end because of where this nest was up in a tree. It wasn't underground like fees nests are normally in Asia. Hers destroyed the nest on Saturday after finding it last week on private property in Blaine, near the Canadian border. Traffic.

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