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And North Carolina. From homes on the Jersey shore. I gotta crash in Garden Grove on the 22. That's before Harbor Boulevard had just received good news about this crash. It has now cleared from the carpool lane. But the bad news is you're still staring at brake lights from Magnolia Street. Now let's go to Michael Brian, with a look at your ride in East L A. Okay, I'll find the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Tough driving a lot of freeways to East that way. The eastbound 60, not the least of which that's closing up really? Just before the 7 10 interchange heavy after Bata Bello out about paramount, it's gonna loosen up and then again, Roland Heights into the merge with the 57. And looks like the South outside of the five. It's Lawson earlier problems of cleared But that and the getaway Friday stop. It is really heavy through east l. A entertains on that south five and east and you'll be hit the brakes out of East L A. In fact, pretty much from city terrorists on and off it about a fellow or I should say into El Monte interviewed an accident. Is it? Super Woman? Super Lawyer Calm Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. And now look at things in a Logan Hill south on five just before Lisa Parkway crash along the center divider, But it looks like it's still causing things to stack up pretty heavily from the four or five looks like Think, come to almost a complete standstill. Once you clear that, though, it's a nice, clear eyed, continuing south into San Clemente. OK, I find this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Soren Crump. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com With indeed instant match, you can accelerate the hiring process. Just sponsor a job and you'll get a list of quality candidates whose resume sign indeed matter, John Description..

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